Groupon Deals for the Home

This week, check out the deals that we’re featuring for your home! Spruce up your walls, your floors, your kitchen, or that strange, creepy room you can only access by moving the dresser and entering through a half-sized door.

Rugs USA – Without the woven fabrics and weight of a sturdy rug, the foundation of a house is known to float to the ceiling. Keep your house secure with Oriental, contemporary, and southwestern rugs, Tiffany lamps, and plush leather chairs

If interior decorating is not your cup of architectural tea, look to Designer At Home, where a team led by experienced designer creates custom schematics, shopping lists & detailed instructions to facilitate DIY redecoration projects.

Maytex Window Curtains: If you’re tired of being reminded of outdoor obligations like mowing the lawn, curtains are a set of two sheer curtains or energy-saving, room-darkening curtains is a good way to focus on your home’s interior instead.

Hampton Forge Cutlery Sets: Without a good set of knives, forks and spoons are ruined with day to day slicing and dicings. Save your silverware with a 12- or 14-piece cutlery set with knives fortified by stainless-steel blades, triple-riveted construction, and a space-saving organizer.

If you want your home to feel inviting, you should decorate and get rid of all those weird smells and gross spills. Keep your home constantly feeling cozy with these cleaning supplies:

  • Broom: This cleaning tool consists of straw, or an animal hair similar to straw in rigidity, that is attached to the end of a long, stiff pole. Brooms are typically used to sweep up dry spills, such as flour or raw eggs after they’ve been sitting for a month.
  • Vacuum Cleaner: Also known as “the mechanical broom that does the cleaning by using its tube like a mouth.” _Pro tip!_ Always leave your vacuum cleaner running and you’ll begin to think your home is occupied by a choir of children whose voices are gravelly from years of smoking.
  • All-Natural Multipurpose Cleaning Spray: If you’ve got tough grease stains, don’t use this cleaning solution on them because it will just make the grease look wetter.
  • Matchbook: Fire has always the best way to singe off thin layers of dust.


Check out all the home-friendly products and services we’re offering HERE!

Back to School Deals: The College Years

If you’re prepping to push your 18 year-old bird out of the nest and into the welcoming wings of collegiate life, Groupon is offering deals this week that will complement any freshman dorm:

The first or fourth step to becoming an adult is learning how to make a bed properly. To do so, the proper tools are needed: Natural Comfort Microfiber-Embossed Sheet Set

100% Cotton Four-Piece Towel Set – Dry off or mop up, this towel set crafted from 100% cotton includes two bath towels and two washcloths.

Posters and Artwork from – Showcasing your personality is easy when you can hang your interests on a wall. Hundreds of thousands of entertainment and images of fine art on posters, stretched canvas, and art prints are available via

$15 for $30 Worth of Arts and Craft Supplies  – Term papers are more compelling when thesis statements are highlighted with a glitter outline. Be prepared with art and craft supplies for painting, drawing, scrapbooking, jewelry making, and more.

When you get shipped off to college this fall, you’ll become just another learning drone in their brain factory. Show that you’ve still got personality with this list of dorm essentials:

  • A picture of your favorite celebrity holding their favorite promotional beverage
  • A lock of hair from the professor you defeated last year
  • A letter that your crush wrote to remind you that you need to be out of the dorm bathrooms by 10 p.m. so he can clean them
  • A refrigerator with a magnet that says “If you don’t like my attitude, don’t read my magnet!!!”
  • A bunch of colorful highlighters that you can use to color-code your notes and mark which stuff in the room is yours
  • Textbooks with all the dumb historical names crossed out and the names of your friends hilariously written in