Announcing the Live Off Groupon Finalists

Nearly 400 people submitted video applications to _[Live Off Groupon](, and all but seven were lucky enough to not be selected as finalists.

Six of the remaining seven will now be subjected to the even more unbearable disappointment of flying to Chicago to be rejected after an in-person interview.

And one person will endure the pinnacle of all suffering: attempting to live off nothing but Groupons for one year. Continue Reading

Something Nice

Why does Groupon work? Because as cool as it is for customers, it’s even better for the featured businesses. We feel so lucky to serve as a bridge between great merchants and great customers; here’s an email we received yesterday from Amy Stone of [Jady Images](, a Miami photography studio we recently featured. Continue Reading

Groupon Class Action Lawsuit (update: dismissed)

**UPDATE**: We’ve been asked to kill this blog post while we attempt to reach a resolution and put this thing behind us. We didn’t start Groupon so we could spend our time fighting with lawyers, so we’re happy to try and end this and get back to making cool stuff for our customers. We’ll update here when there’s more to report.

In the meantime, I’ll just remind everyone that [it has always been our policy]( to refund customers if for any reason they’re unsatisfied with Groupon.

**UPDATE (4/20/2010)** We’re pleased to report that [the lawsuit that was filed against us]( is being dismissed and we’ve settled with the guy named in the suit. To summarize, the lawsuit took issue with 1) our expiration date policy (which I’ll detail below), and 2) a delivery charge on [this deal]( that wasn’t clear to a customer, who for some reason decided to sue us instead of [calling us for a refund]( Continue Reading

Announcing "Live Off Groupon!"

**2/4/2010, CHICAGO -** The revolutionary collective-buying website [Groupon]( already enhances people’s lives by offering a daily deal on the best local goods, services and cultural events. Now we’ll be going one step further – from enhancing someone’s life, to dominating it.

Groupon is proud to announce the [LIVE OFF GROUPON]( challenge. One chosen online applicant (call him or her “The Groupawn”) will be challenged to live exclusively off Groupons for an entire year, blogging regularly about their experiences.

The Groupawn will be required to put their savings in escrow, cut up their credit cards, and surrender the keys to their home and loved ones. They will be stripped of the trappings of routine, as well as their clothing, and released back into the world in a suit made entirely out of Groupons and a few electronic gadgets. If they can successfully live exclusively off of an unlimited supply of Groupons for ONE ENTIRE YEAR they will earn an apology stipend of $100,000. Continue Reading

The Groupon Promise

I’m frequently asked how Groupon chooses which businesses to feature.

Variety is obviously important—part of what makes Groupon fun is the mix of business types and neighborhoods. And of course, we make sure we’re offering the best price out there. But most importantly, we focus on quality. We’re extremely proud of the fact that our customers discover and try new things simply because they’re featured on Groupon. We’ve earned that trust by strictly adhering to rules we set for choosing our merchant partners. Every business we feature goes through a vetting process, when our team of 30 writers, researchers, fact checkers, and editors scour online and offline media for an objective consensus that the business is respectable. Continue Reading

Groupon Goes Hyperlocal

We were on the brink of launching our first hyperglobal deal (70% off a panculturally-designed spoon, flashlight, and sword combination guaranteed to solve at least one problem in any country), when our trusty mob of consumers spoke up with a better idea. As usual, we let the mob determine our business model, and so we’ve decided to pull a 540 (a 180 plus extra physical comedy) and instead go hyperlocal.

We begin [today in Washington D.C]( by expanding our coverage into Northern Virginia and Montgomery County. D.C. subscribers will be able to choose which region they would like to see as their main feature and the other nearby deals will be displayed less prominently in the daily email.

Eventually, we have grand plans to offer nanobiological deals, offering more deals inside your body, but first we we’ll rolling out regions for L.A., New York, Chicago, and some of the other places our largest consumer mobs call home. Once more areas are available in your city, you’ll be able to change your primary region at any time. With unbeatable deals even closer to home and multiple features in neighboring areas, Groupon will save you money on local activities and on the gas it takes to get there. That’s why we’ve offered celebrity Matthew McConnaughey to recite our new hyperlocal tagline “Groupon hyperlocal deals will save the economy, the environment, and you!” in an upcoming hyperlocal television commercial to air in Northern Virginia and Montgomery County as soon as McConnaughey can master the hyperlocal accents of those respected regions.

Groupon Nominated for "Best Internet Application" Crunchie

We’re extremely proud to be nominated for [the Crunchie for Best Internet Application]( Seriously, after this, who could ever say that advertising doesn’t work?

For those who aren’t familiar, the Best Internet Application Crunchie is like winning a Nobel Prize and an Oscar and a MacArthur Genius Grant all at once—unless we don’t win, in which case it’s a meaningless, patronizing, and barbaric trivialization of our craft and whoever does win should refuse it in a gesture of solidarity to fellow entrepreneurs.

I think what makes me most proud is the quality of our fellow nominees. In particular, [Yelp](, whose peer reviews are part of the foundation that makes Groupon possible. But don’t worry, loyal Groupon customers: our respect for these people won’t stop us from [slandering them in yet another shameless and futile quest for victory](

So I’m not going to ask you to [vote for us]( because I don’t believe people should try to do things unless success is absolutely certain, but, you know, there’s the link back there.

We’ll be at the ceremony in San Francisco next Friday so we can lose in person and experience the disappointment which is inevitable despite our extensive emotional and rational preparation. So please, if you see me, come by and say something disparaging about Animoto, Dropbox, MOG All Access, Posterous, or Yelp.

Groupon's Millionth Groupon Groupon'd

We here at Groupon High Command (located deep below downtown Chicago) are pleased to announce that we’ve recently sold our one millionth Groupon – that’s way more than 100, which is another popular number. Our millionth customer was Heather Baker of Denver, Colorado, who purchased a gourmet walking tour. To thank her, we’ll be sending her a link to this blog post.

To put our one millionth Groupon sold in perspective, it helps to understand just how big that number is. Sure, we could give you a bunch of fancy equations to show off how smart we are, but instead: If you laid all one million Groupons across the equator and then counted them, before long, you’d get to Quito, the capital of Ecuador – that’s a lot of numbers! We’d like to sincerely thank Heather and everyone else who’s purchased a Groupon for helping us reach this milestone. Each Groupon sold gets us closer to our real goal: to build a treehouse with a light-switch for the ten-year version of myself back in 1991.

Groupon Raises Money

This post is to acknowledge hereby the truth of the fact that [Groupon has raised a bunch of money]( It feels like it’s taken ages, but [my original fake plan]( is progressing swimmingly.

So what are we going to do with the money?

* [Hire a full-time conductor]( so we can nail the four part harmony on next year’s Christmas card
* Invest in fabricating [videos that are even more slanderous than this one]( so we actually win some awards next year
* Donate more money to Groupon Addiction Awareness (are you among us? Call our automated hotline for help: (312) 673-1515)
* [New commercials will have more fireworks](
* Relocate our 120 employees to San Francisco
* [Rent a monkey for the 40 million Americans currently going without](
* [Hiring people]( (seriously!)

Thanks for helping us win a matching grant for the Chicago Food Bank!

Last week, we asked our customers to [help the Chicago Food Depository feed families in need]( If donations reached $5,000 by the end of Halloween (or as the Druids called it, “Administrative Assistant’s Day”), Jim and Kay Mabie and Anne and Brent Peterson promised to match the donation. If we didn’t reach $5,000, our plan was to egg all of your houses.

Well, we are delighted to announce that you generous gentlefolk made it happen and then some. After just two days, the total came to $5,060, so the Chicago Food Depository will be receiving $10,120. That’s enough to feed 40,000 people this holiday season. Just this past year, the Food Depository distributed over 58 million pounds of food to half a million families, children, seniors, and other needy people all over the country.

Thanks to everyone who donated! We hope you’ll continue to support the Food Depository throughout this holiday season and beyond. Almost 90,000 people rely on the Food Depository for food every week, so they can always use your help.