Now Available: Deal Statistics

We’re happy to announce the launch of Deal Statistics as a new service for merchants.

Previously, Groupon deals would drive lots of new customers to a business but with little information as to who these customers are. Now, whenever a merchant runs a deal they will automatically have access to a Deal Statistics report.

Information available to merchants will include:

  • Aggregate buyer demographics such as gender, age and ZIP/postal code
  • Share of purchases bought as gifts
  • Distribution of sales by time

Groupon Deal Stats Feature

Additional features and data will be available in the future as part of our continued commitment to empower merchants with insights.

Deal Statistics are generated in real-time so you can watch the purchase activity throughout the course of the day your feature is running on Groupon. This is also available for all past deals. To access your Deal Statistics, simply log into the Merchant Center on Groupon click on the link “View Deal Stats” under the title of your deal.

A note on privacy

All of the data provided in our Deal Statistics reports are aggregated: we show totals and averages, but nothing that can be linked to a specific customer.