Groupon to Remain Open on Thanksgiving Day Because It’s a Website

And we have some PlayStaytion 4s.

Groupon is offering an extraordinary deal to shoppers this Thanksgiving Day: it’s remaining open for 24 hours, the entire duration of the holiday. And it will feature fantastic deals throughout the holidays — just like every other day.

“I’m glad people are happy, but I don’t see what all the fuss is about,” said Groupon spokesperson, Barnicus Stapleton, Groupon’s Director of Website Openness and author of the pamphlet, <Tag, You’re It> A Child’s Guide to HTML Coding. “We’re a website, so we’re technically open all the time, regardless of holidays. Plus, we’re giving away $100 million in Groupon Bucks on Black Friday. It’d be lunacy to be closed.”

By being open on Thanksgiving Day and also every other day of the year, Groupon hopes to inspire its customers to check Groupon first for great gift ideas instead of climbing in a car and driving to a crowded store full of people they don’t even know, especially if it’s starting to get kind of cold outside.

“Again, I can’t stress enough, we’re not changing the way we’re doing anything,” added Stapleton. “If anything, it would be much more expensive and present an almost impossible technical challenge for us to be closed on Thanksgiving. So, yes—we’ll be ‘open,’ I guess.”

Groupon shoppers will find that by using Groupon to do their holiday shopping this Thanksgiving weekend, they’ll free up time for traditional holiday family activities such as everyone using laptops in the same room as each other or watching Season 2 of something.

Groupon’s Holiday Gift Shop, open Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and every day this holiday season, will feature such items as the elusive Playstation 4 video game system to the 3-story Barbie Dreamhouse, to Groupon’s new Gift Card Collection and outstanding local leisure and wintertime activities. Groupon is a must this week as the shopping season kicks into high gear.

“And remember,” said Stapleton, “we’re open all the time, and we don’t even have a physical store. I don’t know what those two guys who’ve been camped out in front of our office for four days are doing.”

Other than the PlayStation 4, Groupon’s Gift Shop will feature spectacular offers such as NBA team remote control helicopters, ProForm 600 LE Elliptical, Croton, Stuhrling, Diadora & Invicta watches for $49.99, as well as gift cards from top brands and local holiday activities throughout the country.

So yes, Groupon’s open on Thanksgiving.

Introducing GrMail!


6699_624971690861854_1294393026_nIn our ongoing efforts to surprise and delight our customers, Groupon is happy to announce GrMail, our new email service.

GrMail removes all the boring, personal details that usually bog down emails and replaces them with links to fun Groupon deals, resulting in emails that are finally worth reading.

Test out GrMail at where you can register for GrMail, write your own “iDEALized” email, and send it to a friend, family member, or even a loved one.

Thanks, and Happy GrMailing!



Election Day Deals

We were going to stay out of the political ring, but we feel like this issue needs to be addressed and we’ll need your help to settle the controversy.

The Election of 1883 was one of the most contentious and controversial in American history, with candidates Jefferson Quincy and Monroe Chester each emerging from relative political obscurity to seek the highest office in the land.

Because we can’t stand unfinished political business and will leave no chad hanging, we’ve reached out to the estates of Jefferson Quincy and Monroe Chester to determine an outcome.

Show your support for Chester with a Ronco Rotisserie and Barbecue Oven. And remember, a vote for Quincy is a vote for a Core Bamboo 14-Piece Utensil Set. Not convinced? Check out all the deals we’re featuring to decide the election (of 1883) and cast a vote for your candidate by purchasing a deal with his campaign button on it!

Not everyone understands politics, but we’re positive this is how these two former candidates would’ve wanted their presidential fate decided. Curious about why this election was so controversial? Find out more here.

Finally—A Contest on the Internet

If you can read this, you’ve already won!

That’s right, you’ve won the freedom to participate in Groupon’s new Weekly Twitter Contests—a gauntlet of wit, will, and skill that will test your creativity, physical endurance, and Twittering ability. But we can already hear you asking—via our vast, technically legal network of customer listening devices—what’s in it for me?

Well…how does a weekly prize of $72 sound?

If you said, “Sounds great!” you’d better buckle up, because we won’t be giving away a weekly prize of $72. We’ll be giving away a weekly prize of $100.

That’s 100 free Groupon Bucks to spend on dining, services, or memorable experiences with loved ones who will see you with new admiration once your talent is finally validated by strangers on the Internet. It’s easy to play:

  • Start now by following @Groupon on Twitter. Every Monday morning we’ll announce that week’s Twitter contest.
  • You may be called upon to write something, craft something, or solve a riddle—the possibilities are only limited by our imaginations and international law.
  • You have until Friday afternoon to get in your submission. Winners will be announced on Friday at 5 p.m. (CST).
  • Full rules, including easy-to-follow legal jargon, are available to read after the break below.

And it doesn’t stop there. Each week we’ll also award a secondary “G for Effort” prize of 50 Groupon Bucks to one tenacious, frequent player—or to an honorable mention or a surprising interpretation of that day’s request.

Finally, because we’re so excited about unleashing your collective brain potential, the first Twitter contest starts not Monday, but RIGHT NOW! Follow @Groupon on Twitter to see what we’ve cooked up for this inaugural contest!

* * *

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Behind the Deals: Moving Checklist

Groupon has been constantly moving into new offices because of all the smells that keep happening in them. Here’s what every Groupon employee is forced to do to before moving:

  • Unplug your computer monitor.
  • Dust off the computer monitor with the shirt you are wearing.
  • Gently drop your computer monitor in the trash. You’ll get a new one at the new office.
  • Place your keyboard and mouse into the box you brought from home, but only after coating them in the supplied keyboard/mouse sterilizing cream.
  • Close your box and wait for the sterilizing cream to take effect.
  • When the sides of the box puff out, the sterilizing cream is working, turning the coating of dead skin cells and body oil you’ve left on your computer equipment into a mostly harmless, odorless gas.
  • Open your box back up—only after putting on the construction mask you brought from home—and check to make sure the sterilizing cream hasn’t completely eroded your equipment.
  • If your keyboard and mouse are left relatively intact, close the box and walk away. Someone will probably take care of the rest.

All Great Savings Deals

In these harrowing days of doubt and trouble, our extra money is a comfort to our souls. The holistic and nurturing benefits of interacting with our extra money are well-known. Sure we nuzzle it, hug it, and use it to spell out our worst fears on the floor, but what are some really productive ways to bond with our money? The money party, a forgotten American tradition from the 1950s, is one way. In it an entire neighborhood would liquefy all their assets and pile them up in a giant hill in one of their backyards. Couples would take turns climbing the hill and being King and Queen Money. This was extremely soothing to all. An old French tradition called le petit chapeau en argent is equally beneficial: the French would take the largest bill they could find and make a tiny hat from it. They would then wear the small money hats under their regular hats for the rest of their days. This is the main factor in their particularly long and full lives. And finally there is the ancient Greek rite of pecunia festum. The Greeks would cook their currency into their olive spreads, date pastes, and Lil’ Greek Fun Cakes and then gingerly eat around the coins. This level of money-man intimacy–including money so closely in the practice of consumption–is believed to be the main factor in the Greeks’ creation of the greatest civilization in world history. In order to survive, nay thrive, we must resurrect these practices and live our long, fruitful lives well into the 21st century and beyond.

Enjoy your extra money well, my moneyed denizens, with these great saving deals this week:

flying photo school – Online photography classes meet for four weeks and include videos, worksheets, and instructor feedback.

Home Collection Fleece-Sheet Sets – On chilly winter’s eves, coral-fleece sheets keep sleepers cozy. The ultrasoft plush sheet sets come in a choice of six colors, making it easy to match with heirloom quilts or footed pajamas.

Top Chef University – Contestants from Emmy-award-winning cooking show lead more than 200 online video lessons with printable recipes

Vistaprint – Web-based design tools let users customize cards, calendars, mugs, and T-shirts with personalized text and images

Kassadesign Egyptian-Cotton Towel Set – Egyptian-cotton bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths with durable and absorbent two-ply construction

You can check out the full collection HERE. Happy savings!

Behind the Deals: Employee Perks

Contrary to popular belief, Groupon employees aren’t just doing it for the love of the deals. There are some real sweet perks to this job, and here’s just a few of them:

  • Employees don’t have to work if they feel sick or are stressed out about an interaction they had with a mean bus driver.
  • Every employee gets free membership to a gourmet-cheese club regardless of their interest in cheese or ability to digest it.
  • Employees can leave their desks literally any time they need to go to the bathroom as long as they have submitted an OBRF (Official Bathroom Request Form) to their manager at least three hours ahead of time.

Behind the Deals: Assigned Parking Spaces

Only Groupon’s most important employees get guaranteed parking spaces. Here are those employees:

  • Leonard “Dollar” Moneymuns, Senior Vice Salesman
  • Maybe-braham Like-on, Abraham Lincoln Impersonator
  • Dog, Dog
  • Doug, Doug
  • Harry Plimpton, Manager
  • Michael Jordan, Basketball Dynamo (a man with the same name whom we hired for having the same name)
  • Hamm Lamb, Official Tester for Poison in Soda
  • Kehl-tor, He Born of Fire

Return of Groupon Kidz Club

Groupon is no stranger to what kids truly desire thanks to our proprietary research software—KiData™. Based on our exhaustive kidformation, we’re putting together an un-kid-voidable promotion—Groupon Kidz Club—for a second time! That’s right! All your favorite characters are back, including Roll, a boy who loves baked goods, and FopTop, who’s a kid only at heart.

In addition to all the laughter and enjoyment of each other’s company you’d expect from the members of the Groupon Kidz Club, this time around they’ve got big news—they’ve finally completed initiating a new member! Wow! Just imagine what he or she will be like! Does he/she like cold cereal or hot cereal? Does he/she like cereal at all? The possibilities are endless!

If your interest level has risen considerably, check out the Groupon Kidz Club to discover who that new member is. And while you’re there, catch up with the rest of the gang! They’re anxiously waiting for you.