Featured Merchant of the Week: The Massage & Day Spa

The only thing better than receiving a relaxing massage may be getting it at half price. Today’s Featured Merchant is Neil Barakat owner of The Massage & Day Spa in Chicago.

As a massage therapist himself, Neil was excited to open his own business and get to work. What he didn’t expect was not bringing in enough customers to keep himself and his four massage therapists busy. Click through to learn how Groupon Now! helped Neil spend less time worrying about marketing and more time focusing on his customers.

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Featured Merchant: Cranberry Cafe

Today’s Featured Merchant is owner Susan Han of Cranberry Café in Blue Bell, PA, just outside of Philadelphia.

Since opening Cranberry Café in 2006, Susan had only tried one advertising method before Groupon, a local coupon book. Click through to find out how she’s seen her revenue skyrocket and how Groupon helped people discover her great restaurant.

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Featured Merchant: Indulge Burgers

Other than apple pie and baseball, there aren’t many things more American than a big, tasty burger. Perhaps no one knows that better than today’s Featured Merchant, Lee Klein from Indulge Burgers in Scottsdale, AZ.

Prior to trying his hand at creating mouth-water burgers burgers, Klein owned L&S Klein Marketing and Consulting. Click through to read how after years in the marketing industry, Lee thinks that Groupon has been the best thing he could have done to market Indulge Burgers.

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Featured Merchant: Vitality Wellness Center

Just like cars and pianos, people need a little tuning up from time-to-time. Today’s Featured Merchant, owner Crystal Areal from Vitality Wellness Center, helps people in the Salem, OR area do just that.

As a new business owner, Crystal was looking for a way to build her client list and compete with existing businesses. Click through to read how Crystal accomplished that and more.

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Featured Merchant: 5 & Diner

Slip on your favorite poodle skirt and get ready for some sweet sounding doo-wop because today’s Featured Merchant is 5 & Diner in Mesa, AZ.


We spoke with Dennis Cavanaugh, owner of the 5 & Diner location in Mesa, about why Groupon Now! has worked for him.

Click through to read Dennis’s full story.

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Featured Merchant: Holmes Helicopters

Buckle up for today’s Featured Merchant because we are going up, up and away! Today we check in Jeff Holmes, owner of Holmes Helicopters in Newberg, just a short flight outside of Portland, OR.



After primarily using his helicopter skills in the agricultural field for years, Jeff’s wife, Shanda, urged him to try out Groupon.

Click through to read Jeff’s full story.

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Featured Merchant: River’s End Rafting & Adventure Company

Groupon regularly features all sorts of awesome experiences and today’s Featured Merchant is no exception. We checked in with Darron Nilsson, owner of River’s End Rafting & Adventure Company in Bakersfield, CA, on one experience any adventure seeker would love.

When Groupon first reached out to Darron in early 2010, he wasn’t familiar with the Groupon concept and needed some time to conduct his own research. He did his homework on Groupon during the 2010 rafting off-season after reading about the company in TIME Magazine. Click through to read how Groupon helped Darron have his best, most successful summer ever in 2011.


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Featured Merchant: Grand Central Stained Glass & Graphics

This week we catch up with a unique Groupon merchant who embodies what Groupon is all about – trying new things. We spoke with Bradley Erickson, owner of Grand Central Stained Glass & Graphics in St. Petersburg, FL.


After struggling with rising marketing costs that brought back little in return, Bradley decided to reach out to Groupon and try something new. Click through to read Bradley’s full story.

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Featured Merchant: Valenti Sports

With an exciting World Series drawing to a close and the NFL season in full swing, it’s the perfect time to introduce Joe Valenti of Valenti Sports in Rochester, NY as this week’s Featured Merchant.

After not spending a dime on advertising for Valenti Sports for more than 10 years, Joe was uncertain about running a Groupon deal to say the least. Click through to read Joe’s full story.


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Featured Merchant: Gilt Club

Today’s Featured Merchant is Jamie Dunn, owner of Gilt Club in Portland, OR. The Gilt Club offers Portlanders a spot to grab some “home cooked” grub on the weekend, a happy hour cocktail after work, or a late night snack at 1:00 a.m. during a night out with friends. The Gilt Club is a place that caters to your every mood like no other.

After moving to Portland from Chicago, where he previously owned two other restaurants, Jamie was no stranger to the idea of Groupon; he just never thought it could work for Gilt Club.  Now he’s Groupon’s self proclaimed number one fan. Click through to find out why.

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