Monthly Photo Contest Winner!

This student gets a gold star! Young Katy and her mom used Groupon for a special birthday surprise…

Writes Mom, Julie:

Here’s a photo of my daughter Katy with her ‘Gimme A Cupcake’ Groupon. We bought them as a birthday treat for her teacher!

Groupon loves surprising people, so this is right up our alley. For being a stellar pupil – with bonus points for matching her outfit to her delicious gift – Katy wins $100 Groupon Bucks to use (with the help of Mom) on more cool stuff in her city.

Remember everyone, you don’t have to be as cute as Katy for a chance to win $100 Groupon Bucks! Just document your Groupon experience with a photo – from your Friday night sushi to your first fencing lesson – and include your voucher or mobile app in the pic as proof that Groupon was there. Send your shot to and you’re in the running.

As always, keep checking our Flickr page for the latest user uploads, and we’ll see you next month.

August Photo Contest Winner

This month’s photo contest winner had the right idea: using Groupon to plan a mini-vacation to a new city. We’re not saying Kim won because this new city happened to be our hometown of Chicago, but we’re also not saying this didn’t help her cause!

Here’s one of the on-the-go photos of Kim and John from Chicago Film Tours:

Writes Kim:

Thanks to Groupon, my husband and I were able to take a trip to Chicago…

Here’s a shot of us about to redeem our Chicago Film Tours Groupon on August 26th.

Thank you Groupon!!!! You are the best!!!! XOXOXOXO

For winning this month’s contest, we’re sending Kim $100 Groupon Bucks to spend on more of the best things in her city or exploring somewhere new.

Has Groupon helped make your life less boring lately? Make sure to capture your story in a photo – with your voucher or mobile app pictured – and send it to us at Each month we pick one winner, but we post all of our favorites to, so don’t forget to check those out too.

Some honorable mentions include this little man and his bounty of organic produce, a fun group outing at The Cookie Mill and this Presidential redemption shot.

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July Photo Contest Winner!

One part marathon, one part mud bath, The Dirty Dash in Kent, Washington has crazy good times written all over it. Wanting in on the action, Becci and Christian used Groupon to score entrance into the race.

Check out their winning BEFORE and AFTER photos:


Writes Becci:

My husband and I did The Dirty Dash today in Kent, WA that we got in on for the $20 Groupon deal a few months ago.  We had lots of fun, as you can see.  Thanks Groupon for making it such a great deal!

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June Photo Contest Winner!

With summer finally here, buffing up on one’s underwater skills is an absolute must. This month we’re applauding Mom Heather for taking her aquatics to an adventurous new level with her daughter Kayla in this fun underwater photo at their recent Groupon SCUBA experience:

Writes Heather,

Last evening my 14-year old daughter, Kayla, and I had a fantastic mother-daughter evening at Diver’s Reef. We used our “Discover SCUBA” Groupon and gave the SCUBA experience a try! Can I just say…we LOVED it! Thanks to Groupon we were given the nudge to jump off the shore and learn something new!

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May Photo Contest Winner!

In an unprecedented first-time-ever-in-photo-contest-history moment, we are thrilled to announce the May Photo Contest winner is Ben… the dog! Hailing from Vancouver, Ben helped his humans stock up on great stuff for their garden at Southlands Nursery.

Writes Jane (Ben’s mom):

Ben spends the most time in our yard, so we thought it would be best for him to be the presenter of the Groupon…We were so impressed with Southlands Nursery, we bought another Groupon and returned the following day for more plants!!!

Thank you Groupon and Southlands Nursery. We’ll be back.

-Jane, Larry and Ben (woof!)”

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Live Blog – Groupon Now! Chicago Launch Day

Just because you don’t live in Chicago and couldn’t swing an impromptu road trip doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the action of the Groupon Now! Chicago launch.We’ll be live blogging right here throughout the day to share highlights, pics and more.

And, don’t forget to share yours too! Tweet us your Groupon Now! redemption pics to @GrouponChicago (our hashtag is #GrouponNow) or post them on the Groupon Chicago Facebook page.

*** Keep checking back right here for Groupon Now! launch day updates over the course of the day on Friday, May 20***


5:20pm — Thanks for celebrating the launch of Groupon Now! with us. Be sure to check out Now! deals whenever you’re hungry, bored or just looking for something different at an unbeatable discount. We’re closing out today with some tasty dogs from Hotdogeria (and yes, they were just $1).

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April Photo Contest Winner!

Silvia and her sweet-toothed sister used Groupon to elevate the common cupcake experience at Butter Lane in New York City.

Writes Silvia,

My sister loves to bake, so I got her a Groupon for a cupcake class in NYC. Not only did we have a fun bonding experience, but we also took home over 10 cupcakes each! Thanks Groupon for the “sweet” deal!

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Get Your Hunger-Satisfaction On: The Groupon SeamlessWeb Sweepstakes!

Choosing between sushi and sliders or crepes and crab rangoon can be tough. SeamlessWeb makes it easier. The Groupon SeamlessWeb Sweeps makes it free! EDITED TO INCLUDE WINNERS BELOW.

With a prize sure to satisfy the wallet and the belly, five lucky winners will each receive $100 SeamlessWeb gift cards to spend on delicious dish delivered directly to their destination of choice.  SeamlessWeb offers a simple approach to food delivery with an easy-to-use online ordering system, offering over 6,000 restaurants in 27 cities to choose from.

Check out today’s SeamlessWeb deal in Washington, DC and look out for upcoming SeamlessWeb Groupon features in cities like Boston and Philadelphia coming soon!

***Congratulations to our five winners: Christine C., Shelley A., Ronald W., Maria S. and Rebecca G. Thanks to all for entering and stayed tuned in to Groublogpon for countless hours of future fun!***

March Photo Contest Winner!

Cashing in on an unbeatable Groupon discount at your local theatre is always a smart decision. Donning a full-on Evil Dead ensemble for a three movie, eight hour movie marathon? Now that’s worth $100 Groupon Bucks! Just ask our March Photo Contest winner, Jaci:

“I had a Groupon for the RIO Theatre in East Vancouver. I saved it for a special occasion…A 3 film spectacular! They were doing an Evil Dead Marathon, so my friend and I dressed up and went to 8 hours of movie madness. I was the first in line! 3 movies each and a large popcorn…what a deal!!”

Jaci’s enthusiasm scores her a cool $100 Groupon Bucks as this month’s winner. Of course, by accepting the prize, Jaci has committed to dressing up in an appropriate theme every time she redeems a Groupon for the rest of her life.

Is your story better than Jaci’s? Send a photo of you redeeming your Groupon to to qualify. Just remember – your voucher must be included in the photo for a chance to win.

And finally, don’t forget to check out our Flickr stream for all of the fun pics we receive. Some of our current favorites include these cute froyo fans, a daring zipliner and this impromptu lion taming experience.

February Photo Contest Winner!

Since February is the month of romance, it’s fitting that our February photo contest winner used the power of Groupon to pop the question:

Writes the modern day Prince Charming,

“Here’s a picture I took when my fiancée and I bought a coupon for a whale-watching trip AND a trip to Catalina Island. It was amazing! I proposed to her that weekend and it made the day all the more special. Thanks Groupon for the amazing deal we used for our engagement weekend!”

-Phillip N., Satisfied Customer

Congrats you two! For sharing their engagement weekend with Groupon (and one photogenic buffalo), Phillip and his fiancée win $100 Groupon Bucks to spend on more of the best things to do, eat, see and buy in their city. Other impressive shots this month included the world’s strongest woman, this nosy moose and a family of fun.

Ready to become next month’s winner? If your photo has what it takes it will include:

  • Your Groupon redemption in action. Creativity is encouraged!
  • Your voucher. As always, the Groupon voucher MUST be pictured to qualify for the big bucks. Mobile redemptions welcome.

Send your photos to and keep checking our Flickr stream for the latest photo updates.

Until next month,