Groupon Releases Diversity Data

The recent conversation around diversity and technology has brought out a number of interesting perspectives and even more interesting data about the opportunities for greater participation and engagement from women and minorities. As a company that supports a transparent and open approach to this important conversation, today we are releasing our diversity numbers.

Like many of our tech industry peers, we recognize that there is more we can do. As a company that is just six years old, our inclusion and diversity programs are evolving alongside our business.

We are a global company with more than 12,000 employees in more than 45 countries. Inherent in that is a diversity of approaches, cultural experiences, identity preference, educational backgrounds and perspectives that all contribute to how we make decisions, build relationships, and create new ideas for Groupon.  It’s who we are; it’s how we operate, and we are proud of this inclusive culture that drives us to build the best products, deliver the best service and offer the best deals to customers and merchants.

Additional investments in inclusion and diversity can only help us continue on this path. It is for this reason that we are sharing our numbers to be transparent about where we are and showing our commitment to making a bigger impact in the future on inclusion and diversity within tech and at Groupon.