Featured Merchant: Maid to Please

Check out this awesome Groupon merchant success story from Sean Rashid, owner of Maid to Please cleaning (D.C., Northern Va., Montgomery County, Md., Baltimore and New York)

“As the owner of a full-service cleaning company, I made the decision to run our first daily deal back in 2010. Initially, we saw underwhelming results with this relatively newer advertising medium, but all of that changed when we started working with Groupon in Sept. 2011.

Working with Groupon has helped us grow revenue, exposed us to new customers, generated repeat business and even allowed us to open new offices with more on the way. In fact, we’ve hired more than a dozen extra staff members as a result of the business we’ve gained through Groupon.

Our initial Groupon deal was a $49 for one hour of housecleaning with a two-person crew (a $100 value). In addition, we offered higher packages of $79 for two hours of housecleaning (a $200 value) and $109 for three hours (a $300 value). While we were expecting to sell a few hundred, we ended up selling 1700!

I’ve found that I get a far greater return on my advertising investments by running deals through Groupon than I would say running a $150,000 30-second television spot during the local news or paying $10-$12 per click on Google search. At least with Groupon I’m only paying for those customers that actually redeem the deal, offering a far greater return on my investment.

I’ve wholeheartedly embraced Groupon as a way to continue to grow my business and keep customers coming back for more.”

– Sean Rashid, Maid to Please

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Featured Groupon Now! Merchant: Rain Boutique & Salon

Today’s featured merchant post is guest-authored by Merchant PR Coordinator, Tom M.:

A milestone is a way to track where you’ve been, how far you’ve come, and how surprisingly useful that rock tumbler was as a gift. We’re excited to announce that Groupon Now! recently sold its 1.5 millionth deal in just under a year’s time. To commemorate this historic event we’d like to highlight one of the merchants that helped push the sales tally past this milestone—transaction number 1,499.616, a salon service at Vancouver’s Rain Boutique & Salon.

Having already sold hundreds of Groupon Now! offers, the success of the real time deals platform isn’t a surprise to Rain’s marketing manager, Raissa Alvero.

“Groupon Now! is a great marketing tool for us. These deals really help drive traffic during off-peak hours,” Raissa said. “The customers who come into our business are consistently awesome clients who come back on a regular basis.”

Raissa likes the fact that merchants have the flexibility to start and stop Groupon Now! deals through a personalized dashboard, providing Rain with the power to manage the flow of customers coming into the business in real time and the ability to analyze the return on investment for future promotional efforts.

Additionally, according to Raissa, Groupon Now! customers have regularly purchased above and beyond the value of the deal in the form of sales in the boutique area of the business and products from the salon.

The 1.5 millionth Groupon Now! deal was sold at CiCi’s Nails right here in Chicago. If you’d like to learn more about becoming a Groupon merchant, please visit www.grouponworks.com.

Featured Merchant: The Cellar Door

Suburban Chicago Business Owner Finds Audience with Groupon

As a small business owner in a metropolitan area of almost 9.5 million people, Sean Chaudhry had to find a cost-effective, creative, effective, and efficient way to market his two suburban Chicago businesses to his potential customer bases. He found it through Groupon.

Both of Chaudhry’s businesses, The Cellar Door located in Downer’s Grove, Ill. and Hinsdale Wine Shop located in Hinsdale, Ill., experienced great successes with reaching new customers and growing sales through the running of Groupon deals.

The Cellar Door, a by-the-glass wine bar with a limited food menu, recently saw a considerable uptick in sales and new customers after running a $15 for $30 worth of food and drinks Groupon deal. “I would estimate that about 85 percent of Groupon customers spent more than the face value of the offer,” Chaudhry said. “In fact, one table using the deal spent $270.”

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