Groupon Grassroots Kicks Off Social Venture Week!

Happy New Year!

At Groupon, one reason we’re passionate about promoting local business is because of all the benefits they bring to local communities. Today, we’re taking our impact up a notch by featuring a collection of mission-driven businesses that use the power of the market to drive societal or environmental change. Having been born out of The Point’s social enterprise model, we’re excited to pay it forward and help these social ventures! Continue Reading

Here’s What’s Open in NYC

Like many of you, our heartfelt thoughts are with residents and businesses along the east coast who were affected by the destruction of Hurricane Sandy.

While countless people remain without power and a number of businesses remain closed, we’ve developed a website to help connect consumers with those nearby businesses that are up and running. If you need a hot meal, want to meet up with friends and family, or just want a way to get back to your normal routine, these merchants are there for you and are offering those comforts.

In addition, we want to provide some resources where all of you can go to help those in need during this trying time:

  • For merchants looking for relief and recovery sources, there is The Disaster Help Desk powered by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
  • For those looking to help get local businesses affected by Superstorm Sandy back on their feet, visit We want to extend our thanks to those who have already donated to the Grassroots fundraising campaign for Accion which works to provide small business recovery microloans.

We can work together to help the thousands of businesses on the east coast rebuild. Every dollar goes a long way. Thank you for spreading the word!

Patty Huber Morrissey

Manager, Groupon Grassroots