The Easiest Way to Earn Rewards

Tired of lugging around punch cards, checking in, or swearing an oath of allegiance to your barista just to earn an extra cup of coffee? Now there’s an easier loyalty program that lets you unlock rewards by simply making purchases at your favorite local businesses with the credit card you already carry. It’s called Groupon Rewards and it’s growing fast – More than 1.5 million people are already on board!

After sowing, watering, and throwing a company-wide pep rally for the seeds earlier this year, we’ve watched like a proud plant-parent as Groupon Rewards has taken root in more than 35 cities, with plans to branch out to an additional 10 markets by the end of August. Along the way, an impressive roster of merchant partners has signed on to the program, including a wealth of well-known names and blockbuster businesses, such as:

It’s especially easy to find them all when you download the Groupon mobile app—just swipe over to the Rewards tab on your iOS or Android device. You can browse participating businesses near you, track your progress toward your next reward, and redeem rewards you’ve already unlocked, all from your mobile device.

Visit Groupon Rewards to find your favorite businesses and start earning rewards today!

Groupon Rewards Launches Nationwide

Today we’re excited to announce the nationwide launch of Groupon Rewards. Eliminating the hassles of check-ins, extra apps or punch cards, with Groupon Rewards you can automatically get benefits for things you already do — eating, shopping, and exploring your favorite local spots!

When you visit a participating Groupon Rewards merchant and use the credit card saved in your Groupon account, Rewards are unlocked after you’ve spent a certain amount predetermined by the business. Whether you’re a foodie or adventure-seeker, you get to enjoy savings and specials from the wide variety of great merchants we feature all over the U.S.

Selfishly, as a customer, this is the part I’m most excited about:

My wallet carries the basics only. Two of my least favorite things when shopping are 1) stuffing punch cards in my wallet or carrying multiple “frequent shopper” key fobs and 2) missing out on bonus points or visit counts just because I left my loyalty cards at home. Who knows where I’ll shop today or which of the two dozen punchcards I’ll need? With Rewards, as long as I register the credit cards I use on Groupon, I’ll never miss out on earning Rewards from my favorite Groupon businesses ever again. (You can enroll here.)

Groupon Rewards really nails it for small business owners, too. Merchants can focus on other aspects of their operations while leveraging Groupon’s vast subscriber base to launch a loyalty program with real impact. Additionally, business owners can access the Merchant Center on to help understand consumer purchase behavior in addition to the effectiveness of their Groupon Rewards program. Rewards is now open to businesses across the U.S. – if you’d like to register, sign up here.

We’re always proud to recommend local merchants to our customers, and Groupon Rewards makes it simple to show your loyalty to that new favorite business and reap the benefits. Do you have any suggestions of small businesses where you’d like to be rewarded? Leave them in the comments below and we’ll do our best!