Groupon Employees Volunteered More than 5,300 Hours Last Month in Their Local Communities

Groupon recently unveiled the results of its fourth annual global employee Volunteer-a-thon, a company-wide initiative that encourages community involvement during the month of June and throughout the entire year. This year’s event resulted in 1,565 employees volunteering more than 5,300 hours for 77 nonprofit partners and serving 57 communities around the world.

“We’re such big believers in building great communities that we made it one of our company values,” said Jay Klauminzer, vice president of local deals and executive sponsor Groupon’s employee volunteer program. “We’re thrilled that Grouponers are making a global difference by giving back to the organizations that are improving their neighborhoods on a daily basis.”

Highlights of the 2017 Groupon Employee Volunteer-a-thon’s 90 events included:

  • Chicago: Worked with local Groupon merchant and nonprofit partner, Shedd Aquarium, to bring together 100 employees for a beach cleanup and habitat restoration on the shoreline of Lake Michigan
  • Palo Alto, Calif. and Seattle: Partnered with local food banks, Second Harvest Food Bank and Food Lifeline, to sort and repackage rescued food
  • Warsaw, Poland: Hosted a holiday picnic–including yard games and karaoke–at the House of Single Mothers and Children
  • Bangalore, India: Visited the Diya Foundation and helped individuals with disabilities practice important social and emotional skills through a variety of activities and games

Throughout the month, Groupon teams competed to be the most involved in their local communities, with the winners––one North American team and one international team––getting the opportunity to award $5,000 to the charity of their choice, as well as sport this one-of-kind Groupon Volunteer-a-thon jacket.

vat jacket_legal

With nearly 100 percent of their teams participating, the 2017 Volunteer-a-thon winners were the Groupon Chicago Legal team and the Groupon Australia office. Some of the volunteer projects completed by these teams included:

  • Australia: Spent a full day at RSPCA working with animals and helping out with different maintenance projects around the facility
  • Chicago Legal: Worked at Cradles to Crayons’ Giving Factory to assemble bags of clothes and other important essentials for deserving children

Groupon employees are on pace to top last year’s total of 13,000 hours volunteered in their local communities.

Suns Out, Phones Out? Groupon Survey Finds Families Will Spend More Than One-Third of Summer On Their Devices

With the upcoming Memorial Day weekend and the school year winding down to a close, we asked 1,000 parents how much time their families plan to spend on their electronic devices this summer––and the results were staggering. The average American family will spend more than one-third of summer, which is the equivalent of 35 days, using their electronic devices. The survey also found that the average child will watch an estimated 60 movies and play 150 hours of video games over the summer months.

“We love technology, but we also think it should be in the service of something we love even more, which is spending time with our families and experiencing the compelling local activities offered during the summer months and throughout the year,” said Greg Rudin, head of Fun Things To Do at Groupon. “As parents, we’re often just as guilty as our kids when it comes to screen time, which is why it’s important for the entire family to put down our devices every once in awhile and go make some memories together.”

When asked how too much screen time affected their children, 77 percent of parents said screen exposure influenced their child’s mood, 62 percent said they face regular battles to get their children to put down their device and almost half said too much screen time impacts their sleep. And their children weren’t the only ones impacted by too much screen time, parents said they feel like they personally waste one of out every four weekends per month and throw away 9 non-working days over the summer due to their own inactivity.

Parents were asked the top five ways that families can make sure they get the most out of their summer without being consumed by their electronics, and they identified the following:

  1. Hitting the beach
  2. Attending a BBQ
  3. Going on a road trip
  4. Visiting a zoo
  5. Going to a water park

But according to parents, ditching the technology and spending more time with the kids over the summer months won’t come cheap. The survey asked parents to imagine their perfect family weekend and found Moms and Dads estimating it would cost $2,328. Parents said they would spend $1,465 on travel, lodging, taxis and fuel––with an additional $510 spent on admissions and tickets to attractions and evening entertainment. Parents also estimate that they’ll spend $353 on meals during the perfect family weekend.

For those families looking to have the perfect weekend on just about any budget, Groupon’s amazing collection of things to do deals offers a number of savings opportunities on top summer activities, including family activities, tickets and events, outdoor fun and top deals of the week. To view the entire collection, please visit


Groupon Celebrates National Small Business Week

Groupon Celebrates National Small Business Week by Revealing the Top 10 Best Cities for Local Businesses

It’s National Small Business Week, which is a great time to celebrate the impact local businesses, owners and employees have on our daily lives. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are more than 28 million small businesses in the United States––accounting for two out every three new jobs created. Whether it’s for generating economic growth and job creation or defining the unique and distinct character of our neighborhoods, this week is the perfect time for us to show how much we love these businesses, the communities they foster and the experiences they deliver.

Since we’ve worked with well over one million local merchants and generated more than $13 billion for these businesses, we decided to take a look at our sales data to see which cities were the best places for small businesses. The top 10 best cities for small businesses––meaning they sold the most local Groupons as a percentage of subscribers––are:

As the world’s largest small business ecommerce marketplace––90 percent of Groupon merchants have 20 or fewer employees and almost one-third are sole proprietors––local merchants are at the center of everything we do here at Groupon. Connecting customers with the millions of small businesses around the world––and helping build vibrant and growing communities in the process––is our core focus as a company. So whether it’s your favorite local pizza place, a relaxing spa or something fun to do on a Friday night, take a few moments this week to tell the small businesses in your community and their employees just how much they mean to you.

For more information on National Small Business Week, please visit

Groupon Celebrates National Small Business Week by Revealing the Top 10 Friendliest Cities for Local Businesses

New Groupon Survey Finds 60 Percent of Americans Plan to Start a Personal ‘Spring Cleaning’ Makeover as the Weather Changes

  • Men plan to spend 35 percent more than women for their makeover with an average planned spend of $198 vs. $146 for women
  • Americans plan to spend twenty minutes extra each day in the spring on beauty routines compared to the winter months
  • People are three times more likely to start a new diet or fitness regime in the spring
  • Buying new clothes, sporting a new haircut, making diet improvements, going to the gym and getting a pedicure were identified as the top ways to spruce up for spring

With the weather in many parts of the country this week feeling more like January than the last week of winter, we decided to spring forward by asking 2,000 Americans about the different levels of effort they put into feeling and looking their best during the winter and spring months. And according to the results, 60 percent of Americans are planning to do a personal ‘spring cleaning’ makeover as the weather changes. The survey conducted in recognition of Groupon’s spring beauty Out to Wow! collection––running from March 15-17––revealed that women are more likely to do a personal spring cleaning makeover than men, but men plan to spend 35 percent more than women ($198 vs. $146).

Participants also said that they plan to spend an extra 20 minutes each day in the spring on their personal beauty routines and are three times more likely to begin a new diet or fitness regime. Buying new clothes, sporting a new haircut, making diet improvements, going to the gym and getting a pedicure were identified as the top ways people spruce themselves up in the spring.

“It’s not surprising to see that so many people want to get a fresh start on feeling and looking their best now that winter is coming to a close,” said Silvija Martincevic, vice president and general manager of health, beauty and wellness, Groupon. “‘Me time’ tends to take a back seat in cold weather, which is why we typically see big increases in people buying services such as massages, mani-pedis, facials, laser hair removal, haircare and other wellness- and beauty-related services during the first week of spring.”

The survey, conducted by market researchers, OnePoll, and commissioned by Groupon found colder weather prompts nearly two-thirds of Americans to take a break from worrying about their image, with 51 percent saying the shorter days leave them with less energy to focus on taking care of themselves.

Thirty percent of respondents confess they put less effort into how they dress over the winter, and that might be why one in six say they’ve donned sweatpants with food stains at some point. Understandably, 55 percent of women admit they’re quite happy to shave their legs less regularly, while skincare routines, haircuts and other grooming rituals are also less frequent––with more than half saying they’ve grown hair in places they normally wouldn’t.

And if you’ve added a few pounds, then you’re not alone – nearly two-thirds of Americans have put on a little weight over the winter, with the average gain estimated at eight pounds.

Americans are most likely to start their personal spring cleaning makeover between March 6 and April 5, when four out of 10 report a spike in confidence due to the warmer weather.

Through its Out to Wow collection, Groupon is offering a number of ways for people to begin and save money on their spring revitalization at well-known places such as the following:

Out to Wow! offers users extra savings throughout the three days of the collection. Today only, users can find up to 80 percent off facials, massages, nail/hair care and more. Tomorrow, users will receive an EXTRA 25 percent off all health, beauty and wellness deals in the collection. On Friday, Groupon is running a ‘buy more, save more’ promotion, saving customers more money the more they personally spring clean, including $10 off $40, $20 off $75, $30 off $100 and $50 off $150.

To view the entire Out to Wow! collection, please visit


Out with the Old, In the with the New: Begin the New Year with Something You Won’t Regret

With 2016 coming to a close, we thought it would be interesting to take our annual look at a popular service sold through Groupon that truly signifies “out with the old, in with the new” –– tattoo removal.

According to the results of an online survey released earlier this year and conducted by Harris Poll, the number of people who are getting tattoos is increasing, but so are the number of people who are having regrets about their ink. The percentage of Americans with at least one tattoo increased from 21% four years to ago to 29% today. With more people getting tattoos, the number of people who regretted their tattoos also grew from 14% to about one of out every four people.

We looked at Groupon tattoo removal purchases from the past year, and we found that Austin, Texas once again topped the list of cities that got the most ink expunged. Following Austin was Lexington, Kent., Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Okla., Louisville, Kent., Phoenix, Houston, Providence, R.I., Salt Lake City and Atlanta.

Some of most commonly removed tattoos include: name tattoos, dolphins, misspelled words, barbed wire, stars, butterflies Chinese characters, Celtic designs, signs of the Zodiac and fairies.

Top Tattoo Removal Cities

  1. Austin
  2. Lexington
  3. Oklahoma City
  4. Tulsa
  5. Louisville
  6. Phoenix
  7. Houston
  8. Providence
  9. Salt Lake City
  10. Atlanta

If you’re interested in a resolution that you’re guaranteed not to regret this New Year’s, then Groupon has a number of great money-saving ways for you to get in shape, relax, learn a new skill or try something new.

And finally, since most people still have no regrets about their tattoos (including the author of this post), we decided to also take a look at which cities bought the most Groupon tattoo deals.

Baltimore beat out last year’s number one, which was San Antonio, to top the list. Following San Antonio was Las Vegas, Jacksonville, Fla., Seattle, Milwaukee, Albuquerque, N.M., Minneapolis/St. Paul, Denver and Pittsburgh.

Top Tattoo Cities

  1. Baltimore
  2. San Antonio
  3. Las Vegas
  4. Jacksonville
  5. Seattle
  6. Milwaukee
  7. Albuquerque
  8. Minneapolis/St. Paul
  9. Denver
  10. Pittsburgh


Groupon Welcomes Girls Who Code

GWC x Groupon

The day has come where we welcome twenty of the best and brightest rising high school juniors and seniors from Washington, Idaho, Kentucky, and Arizona for seven weeks of coding and mentoring through the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program!

The girls will spend the next seven weeks in our beautiful Seattle office receiving an intensive intro to coding concepts through languages such as Scratch, Python, C\C++, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and fun applications like video games, robotics, and web development.

Participants will also have the opportunity to learn from some of our very own. We’ve matched students with female employees so they can be mentored by other strong women in technology. Additionally, the girls will have the chance to hear from Grouponers in a speaker series covering a wide array of topics such as life as a developer at Groupon, empowering women in technology, and the concept of regular expression patterns.

And because they don’t have enough to do, the girls will apply what they’ve learned and build something of their very own as part of a team project. Projects that have come out of past summer immersion programs include Tampon Run, a video game to take the taboos out of menstruation, and jackALERT, a jacket that lights up when one feels like they are in a potentially harmful situation.

The culmination of all the girls’ hard work will be presented in a graduation ceremony hosted on Thursday, August 11th at the Seattle Public Library. We invite all Groupon employees, friends of the program, and lovers of technology to join us as these new Girls Who Code alumnae share their projects with the world!

Groupon’s partnership with Girls Who Code is part of our larger commitment to STEM education and closing the gender gap in the engineering and technology industry. Led by the Social Responsibility and Talent Development teams, this is Groupon’s 2nd year partnering with GWC. You can read all about last year’s program — hosted in Chicago — and see for yourself what an amazing opportunity this program is for the girls and the volunteers alike.

Groupon’s partnership with Girls Who Code is part of our larger commitment to STEM education and closing the gender gap in the engineering and technology industry. Led by the Social Responsibility and Talent Development teams, this is Groupon’s 2nd year partnering with GWC. You can read all about last year’s program — hosted in Chicago — and see for yourself what an amazing opportunity this program is for the girls and the volunteers alike.


Diversity at Groupon

Diversity continues to be a hot topic in the tech community.

And for good reason: most tech companies want more diverse employee populations.
Groupon is no different.

We’re pushing hard to increase employee diversity at Groupon and have made solid advances over the past year.

Today, I want to update both our diversity statistics, as well as the programs we have in place to continue the momentum we’ve seen since our last report.

First, though, let’s take a step back and talk about why we think increasing diversity in the workforce is important. Some talk about diversity as if its value is self-evident. But that sells the topic short.

There’s value to the larger conversation when companies talk about diversity in terms of leverage — e.g., how and why diverse communities can be a force multiplier for their businesses. And there’s value to the larger conversation when we’re more expansive with the definition of diversity: race and gender diversity are important pillars, but so too are veteran status, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, nationality and parental status, among others.

Here are just a few of the reasons we’re focused on diversity:

Groupon’s merchants and customers are a melting pot of countries, cultures, backgrounds and upbringings. Having a diverse workforce helps us better relate to and serve those perspectives. It allows us to step beyond just being a customer-focused company; a diverse workforce gives us the opportunity to truly connect with our customers and the communities in which they live.

How that plays inside the company day-to-day is that diversity brings viewpoints and ideas to the front that may not have otherwise been considered and that can accelerate innovation. A more diverse workforce can bring a different kind of idea to the table, and that can net more good ideas and more great things for our customers.

Even with work to do, we see the benefits of diversity in product design, in user experience and in our sales calls at Groupon. This matters for our culture and our business. It’s not some box ticking initiative… we’ve learned from other areas of our business that bolting on foundational elements doesn’t work. We’re making progress because we’re continually integrating diversity into all parts of our organization — from hiring, to training, to retention, to career development, to reporting.

All that said, here are Groupon’s updated diversity statistics. We know there is room to grow, but we are making progress thanks to the commitment and the work we’ve done to make this a core part of our business.

Let’s dig in:

Global Diversity | March 2016

Global Gender

Male 53.38%

Female 46.62%


Male 84.25%

Female 15.75%


Male 83.9%

Female 16.1%


Male 48.97%

Female 51.03%

US Diversity | March 2016

US Ethnicity




Overall Diversity

Women in Leadership
Global Numbers

Net + 54%

Women in Leadership
Global Percentage

Net + 19.2%

Women in Technology
Global Percentage

Net + 13%

Overall Ethnic Diversity | US

Net + 57%

Black and Hispanic/Latino Diversity | US

Net + 62%

What we’ve done isn’t as important as what we’re doing. To that end, here are a few of our key focus areas:

  • Continue to expand our sourcing efforts with diverse communities

    We are focused on establishing stronger relationships with diversity networks, organizations and schools. Many talk about a “diversity pipeline” issue, but we think that’s only a challenge if you artificially constrain where you look.

  • Enhance leader capability

    While diversity works best as a core value that’s spread throughout an organization, there’s no denying that leaders play a key role in the success of diversity initiatives. Equipping leaders to champion diversity efforts begins with helping them understand potential institutional and personal barriers. To that end, we’re working with Paradigm on training for managers across all our functions to raise our cultural awareness and remove potential barriers to inclusion.

  • Continue to support STEM education and women in Tech

    We’ve established strong partnerships with great organizations like Girls Who Code, Grace Hopper and Chi Ladies Hack. In some cases, these have a longer-term focus on developing future generations of diverse talent, but — in all cases — they’re deserving groups we’re excited to work with.

  • Maximize the role of our Employee Resource Groups

    Our ERGs — Women@Groupon, Blacks In Groupon, Parents@Groupon, Pride@Groupon, and Veterans For Groupon — are passionate cultural ambassadors both inside and outside of Groupon. We want to help these groups be even more effective in recruiting and retaining talent, as well as in telling the Groupon story.

  • Remain thoughtful about how we select, develop and retain talent

    This one is pretty simple. We’re enhancing our Human Resources tools and practices to ensure that we nurture talent across the company and that we provide meaningful careers for everyone — including our diverse populations.

We haven’t cracked the code on growing diversity at Groupon, but we’re working on it, and — most importantly — we’re making progress. Hopefully, our path is one that others find useful.–RW–

These Cities Are on a Roll – The Top Sushi-Loving Cities in America

Get your chopsticks ready – Saturday, June 18 is International Sushi Day. To celebrate the occasion, Groupon is honoring the Top 10 Sushi-Loving Cities in America over the past year. And we know sushi––having sold enough rolls to line up end-to-end for 670 miles.

Compiling our ranking required several long nights working through boatloads of raw, nori-wrapped sales data. Our findings were calculated using sushi deal sales over the previous 12 months, balanced against the subscriber base of each city, providing the following ranking:

1. Memphis 2. Louisville 3. Kansas City 4. St. Louis 5. Minneapolis
6. Boston 7. Cleveland 8. Houston 9. Baltimore 10. Salt Lake City
Memphis claims our top spot, lead locally by the very popular 45% off deal at Akita Sushi and Hibachi Steakhouse. Perhaps Midwest cities should have more rolls named after them, with St. Louis (4), Minneapolis (5) and Cleveland (7) all claiming spots in our ranking. The “Cleveland Roll” sounds delicious.

From Anchorage, Alaska, to Washington, D.C., Groupon customers can find a great deal for International Sushi Day in just about every major city in America. Check Groupon for some inspiration on how you can celebrate Saturday in your neighborhood.

Majority of Parents Have ZERO Activities Planned with their Kids this Summer

If Memorial Day weekend marks the unofficial start to summer, then why do the majority of  parents have no activities planned for their children once they’re out of school? And do you fall into this group? Well, you are not alone.

According to a recent nationwide survey of 1,000 parents commissioned by Groupon, 57 percent of respondents said they had absolutely nothing planned for the family this summer. Which is baffling, considering that a whopping 99 percent of those parents DO want to do something fun and exciting with their kids over the summer months.

Parents were also asked in the survey what the perfect summer looked like with their children, and the results were expensive. According to respondents, the idyllic summer consists of: six BBQs/dinners out, five movie/beach outings and two overseas trips. Though respondents reckon that the total cost for those experiences would come in at around $43,154.87.

“Many parents aren’t aware of the number of affordable local activities they can do with their children over the summer months,” said Greg Rudin, head of fun things to do at Groupon. “By taking full advantage of the amazing things to do around their neighborhood, building long-lasting family memories can be done on just about any budget.”

The average family will travel nearly 600 miles together over the summer, according to the survey, with most vacation destinations between four and five hours away by car.

A day at the beach was considered the top family activity, followed by visiting an amusement/water park and having a classic backyard cookout.

Most – 85 percent – look for vacation activities within their home state. Parents in the West were most likely to want to take their children overseas with those in the Midwest least inclined to do so.

When it comes to travel outside of mainland USA, the Bahamas and Australia are among the dream destinations.

Unsurprisingly, the internet is the top source of inspiration for summer vacation ideas, ahead of word of mouth and traditional advertising, the survey revealed.

The survey also reported that parents are now looking to give their children experiences rather than gifts – and said their kids were 18 times more likely to benefit from an experience throughout their entire lifetime than a toy.

“Research has shown that people increasingly value experiences over material things, especially with friends and family,” Rudin said. “Now is the perfect time to get out there and create those memories by trying something new that you’ve always wanted to do together.”

Top 10 Essential Family Summer Activities

  1.   Beach
  2.   Water park/amusement park
  3.   BBQ
  4.   Out of state visit
  5.   Movies
  6.   Road trip
  7.   Hotel stay
  8.   Camping
  9.   National monument visit
  10.   Fishing

Top 10 Dream Family Vacation Destinations

  1.   Hawaii
  2.   Disney World
  3.   Bahamas
  4.   Australia
  5.   Washington DC
  6.   Miami
  7.   New York City
  8.   Virginia Beach
  9.   Canada
  10.   Japan           

For inspiration on some great things to do with your family this summer, click here


The Fittest Cities in America

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has designated May 8 – 14, 2016, as National Women’s Health Week, and Groupon is celebrating the occasion by honoring the fittest cities in America over the past year.

‘Fitness’ encompasses a wide range of activities, and local pride is strong — it’s not nice to step on the toes of someone doing a perfect Warrior I. Fortunately, the leader in local commerce, with its mountains of local deals data, is happy to stair-step up to the challenge.

We tabulated Groupon sales figures for everything from boot camps and boxing to yoga and zumba over the last 12 months, accounting for the size of a city’s subscriber base along the way, to arrive at our second-annual fittest cities in America rankings.

America’s Fittest Cities

  1. Albuquerque
  2. Memphis
  3. Omaha
  4. New Orleans
  5. Louisville
  6. Oklahoma City
  7. Providence
  8. Cincinnati
  9. Tallahassee
  10. San Diego

Albuquerque, one of the top cities in last year’s ranking, continues to be a warm weather fitness mecca for Groupon customers. Cities in Southern states ran away with our rankings, represented by Memphis (2), New Orleans (4), Louisville (5) and this year’s Florida standard-bearer, Tallahassee (9). Finally, San Diego, a city you are not at all surprised to see in our rankings, ensured that California was not shut out from this year’s list.

Congratulations to the communities on this year’s list! Groupon invites everyone to check out our amazing local health & fitness deals on the way to a healthier you.