Welcome to the New Groupon Blog!

People are always trying to come up with great domain names. I was too, and then I thought I’d try something different: _why not have an awful name_? Shortly after making that insight, I came up with the perfect name: groublogpon.com. It combines the words “Groupon” and “Blog” in a perfectly awkward and immemorable way.

We’ll be posting new content every week—different stuff for each of our Groupon cities.

Please excuse the current spartan presentation; we’ll dress it up shortly.

  • I purchased two groupons in December for a Rosaline’s Spa in Brookline, MA.
    I emailed her (Rosaline) of how dissatisfied I was when it came time to pay for service (they charged my $5. more and said that their prices went up..but I had checked the day before on their website and that was not so…also got charged $20. for a service that was not performed. In my email I asked her to answer my complaint which she ignored twice.
    The reason I did not confront this problem at the time of payment was because I had invited a friend with me and did not want to ruin our day together as she had travelled a distance to
    have a “facial” day together.
    This makes me not want to try any new experiences that Groupon has to offer. I have since purchased from groupon but only what I know and have already experienced.
    I have had many facials and do realize that when I get charged $20. for a service not performed. I am very sorry that Rosaline did not respond to my email.

  • Hi Judith,

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience with Rosaline’s and their unresponsiveness. Could send us an email from the email address associated with this account to support@groupon.com? This way we’ll be able to look up your account and work with you to resolve this situation the best we can.

    Thanks for your feedback,

    Joe Harrow
    Groupon Customer Support

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