10 Reasons to Love Your Toilet


“10 Reasons to Love Your Toilet This World Toilet Day” by Sean O’Toole:

You’ve spent a lot of time with your toilet, but sometimes even the most intimate relationships fade over the years. This list just might help you rekindle the magic.

1. You’re lucky to have one. One in three people on the planet don’t have a clean toilet—greater than the proportion of people who lack a mobile phone.

2. It’s keeping you healthy. Patients with sanitation-related illnesses occupy half the hospital beds in the world.

3. It’s shiny. Most studies conclude that shiny things are among the prettiest things to look at.

4. It helped make us rich. In some places today, every dollar invested in sanitation yields five dollars in gains from improved health, increased productivity, and other benefits.

5. That whoosh when it flushes. It is the sound of renewal, revival, rebirth. It is the only truth.

6. It’s private. More than a billion people worldwide are forced to relieve themselves in bushes, ditches, and other open spaces.

7. It makes you smarter, and not just if it’s where you read Parade magazine’s insightful “Cartoon Parade” each week. Estimates place the number of school days lost to water-related illnesses each year at 443 million, so safe sanitation means more learning.

8. It’s got its own hashtag (#toiletsWIN). Anything with its own hashtag must have something going for it.

9. It makes us more equal. Poor sanitation disproportionately affects girls, who, once they hit puberty, are significantly more likely than boys to miss class or drop out if their school lacks private, hygienic facilities.

10. It swallows spiders immediately and with remorseless fervor.

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