7 Creative Ways to Give Gift Cards


We stock a selection of electronic and physical gift cards from FTD, NatureBox, Kiva, Groupon, and other companies. But how can you give a gift card or printout of an eGift card and still feel like it’s a real present? Here are a few ideas:

  • For friends who like music: include a mix CD with the card or to make it seem more personal.
  • For foodies: plastic wrap the card and hide it at the bottom of their favorite meal.
  • For people who doubted that your Rent a Ferret for a Day business would be successful: give them an expensive card to show what a generous billionaire you are now.
  • For kids: put the card in the seat of a toy car or the paws of a teddy bear.
  • For indecisive shoppers: include pictures of products they might like to buy with the card.
  • For treasure hunters: give the card to them along with a stern lecture on the dangers of treasure hunting.
  • For co-workers: keep the card for yourself. Your happiness and cool new sneakers will be a gift to everyone in the office.