A Quick Update

The quiet period is over! Our IPO process was a wild ride, but we’re excited to get back to business and are focused squarely on the future. The last six months have been the most productive in our history, seeing the launch of great new services like [Groupon Now!](http://www.groupon.com/now), [Groupon Rewards](http://www.groupon.com/joinrewards), [Groupon Getaways](http://www.groupon.com/getaways), and Groupon Goods. And with the addition of product and travel deals that are handpicked to make perfect gifts, [Grouponicus](http://www.groupon.com/grouponicus), our corporate wintertime holiday (currently only celebrated in the USA), is off to a roaring start. We sold over 650,000 Grouponicus deals between Black Friday and Cyber Monday – an increase of over 500% from last year – saving consumers millions of dollars, and delivering tons of business to our merchant partners.

A huge thanks to our customers and merchant partners, who continue to embrace Groupon with a passion that makes us feel like we have the best jobs in the world. We’ve got even more lined up for the next six months than we did in the last six months, so stay tuned! We’re back to communicating like a normal company again… well, as normal as we can muster at Groupon.

  • man, i hope some day you go back and rescue thepoint. though i guess nowadays carrotmob is carrying the flag for ya.

    i mean, i understand why you sold out and everything, but you know, it still makes me and everyone else in the social enterprise world sad. maybe you can ameliorate it by going back and angel investing with a social mission.

  • David,

    Thanks for your feedback. Have you checked out G-Team yet? They are the philanthropic arm of Groupon, similar to the causes that The Point represented: http://www.groupon.com/G-Team

    Thea @ Groupon

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