A Sneak Peek of Groupon's Super Bowl Ad (Outtake)

Groupon’s Super Bowl ad is almost here – our very first offline campaign! We just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for all of the interest and buzz. We’re dying to show it to you and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

While we can’t share our TV spots yet, we thought you’d enjoy seeing an idea that didn’t make the cut. Meet the Groupon addict.

  • Not cool at all….I am hoping the real ones that make it are way better. but that is my opinion. what do i know other than i like my groupons too!

  • Hope it’s worth the money for ya, thought of you guys as a little more viral 🙁 But I’ll be watching, if I don’t miss it because I was filling the DIP BOWL – the important one

  • Just started this year, and I bought 4 awesome deals already. It’s really awesome^_^

  • I’ve seen two of the spots. Tibet and Brazil. Very offensive. What we’re you thinking? Not cool!

  • The real ads were terrible, made fun of real problems and said, Oh, just shop!

    This one would have been an improvement.

  • Too bad you didn’t go with this ad. A total strategic blunder with the other ads. How many other customers are unsubscribing to you. Total rookie mistake at the Superbowl!

  • This one was better (waaaaay better) than the Tiber thing… :S

  • I love this theme. It really rings true to me and SO many people I know. I am sorry this wasn’t the one that was picked.

  • what crummy superbowl ads….how totally tacky and elitist…..you deserve all the bad press you get and hopefully your product takes a BIG hit! You deserve to fail.

  • I just have to say that this ad would have been a WAY better choice than the Tibet ad. This one is perfect! I wish this one had been pushed through and the Tibet ad had been cut. I actually think this one was the best of all the Groupon Suberbowl ads. It’s unfortunate that the Tibet ad was ever aired.

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