About the Deal Counter…

Some people have noticed that we’ve been testing a slightly different “Groupons bought” counter on some of our deals. Instead of showing the exact number of Groupons purchased, the counter is now reduced by a random percentage that will change over time in a way that makes it impossible to see trending by counting the units.

Additionally, we are capping and rounding the counter from time to time. We now precede the Groupon count with the word “over” to reflect that the actual number is always actually larger than what’s being displayed.

So, why all the ambiguity? As customers, we like the counter because it indicates how popular deals are. But some clever people are using the counter to make (consistently incorrect) estimates of our total company sales, which we don’t like for the same reason you probably wouldn’t like if people tried to guess your weight all day. This change is meant to continue to reflect deal popularity while making it clearly impossible to predict our sales. We’re blogging about it to be transparent about our lack of transparency.

We began testing the new counter toward the end of September, and we expect it to be enabled for all deals within a few weeks.