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Today, Groupon opened for public trading on NASDAQ under the ticker symbol GRPN. Jason Child (CFO), Jeff Holden (SVP Product), and I had a great time on the road over the last two weeks answering the questions of prospective investors and sharing the Groupon story. We are excited to welcome many of the people we met as new shareholders.  

Our IPO is a small milestone on our journey, but one that warrants a few words of thanks. Thanks to my cofounders—Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell. Thanks to shareholders. Thanks to our employees. Thanks to our board of directors. And last, but not least, thanks to our customers and merchant partners. I feel incredibly grateful to serve as CEO of Groupon. With our IPO behind us, I couldn’t be more excited about what lies ahead.


  • It is amazing how fast Groupon has become such a highly recognized name in every business and every household. Was awesome to watch and I am an admitted addict to buying Groupons. One thing I thought about today as I was looking at my purchased Groupons is that you should redefine your concept of “gifting”. Instead of dec;aring a Groupon a gift at the time of purchase you should allow gifting purchased Groupons at any time. This dawned on me because of the holidays coming up. Kinda like a layaway program where you can stock up on Groupons and print them or send them as holiday gifts. Would be extra cool if for a small fee the Groupon could be put on a gift card and mailed out to the gift recipient with a message. What do you think? Someone already think of this?

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