Access and Print Your Groupons Online

From the “you mean to say that you had a website in the year 2009 that didn’t have that feature?” department: now you can view and print your Groupons online!

Until now, we sent your Groupons as pdf attachments, which were difficult to keep track of. Now, you can [login to your account on The Point]( to see/print all your Groupons and see when they expire.

What else would you like to see on your Groupon list? [Send us your feedback](


  • The PDFs were also a bit wack. At least for me,they did not render correctly for me on my Mac. Fortunately I would print them at work anyway.

    BUT, this comment is actually a whine and not a bug report. The change from getting PDF groupons attached to an email to fetching them from a website was a surprise for me. Surprising users when that surprise is a delight is one thing. But surprising users when they suddenly don't see a thing they've already paid for show up as they expect, well that is a different kind of surprise all together.

    Perhaps I missed the email in which this change was announced?

    Thanks and keep up the (otherwise) great work!

  • Hey Tony –

    Yeah, the PDFs were totally wack… we felt like we needed to do something awfully so people wouldn't think Groupon was too good to be true 😉

    You *should* get an email each time you join a Groupon with a link to the coupon. Was the problem that you didn't get the email, or was it that visiting the website is a pain in the butt? I guess we were hoping the change would be a delight, but if not, let me know what we can do to make it better!

    – Andrew

  • Ok. I am logged in now, but can't seem to find where my purchased Groupon is located. It doesn't show up under Campaigns. I have to say it seems like I am spending too much time fishing around looking for an attachment that used to be easily printable from the original email. Can you help me out? Thanks

  • How can i verify my purchase? I signed up and logged on but don't have a Groupon tab as an option.

  • A pdf attachment seems fine to me…why do i have to join & log into yet another account?

  • I can't seem to get my groupon. It keeps saying to log in to see them, but then I do and there is nothing. How do I get my groupon?

  • i can't find my groupon, i'm all signed in via facebook but NOWHERE from the link i was sent to this site does it show WHERE i get my groupon. please send me a direct link or explain how i navigate to it!

  • I can't find my groupon either!!! so much for easy, bring back the PDF! Can someone tell me where to find it? I'm on the page that says "groupons heather bought", but it's cut off and nothing underneath!

  • I can’t find how to join groupon. Please help.

  • I would like to recieve groupons for Fresno, Ca. How do I sign up?

  • How do I get anything around the south bay area?

  • I purchased $20 Groupon to La Casa de Isaac on Nov. 13, 2010 and do not know how to print out the coupon. I do not know how to reach you and would appreciate your letting me know how I can retrieve my coupon.

  • I agree with most of above – have to use the Gap Groupons or they expire and now can’t find them anywhere – everything disconnected, no links.

    Feels like a ripoff, not a benefit.

  • I bought a gift coupon for my daughter and thought it was for the same restaurant that I had bought a coupon for myself. Now I see that I have a $25 credit in my account, when what I wanted was the same deal for her. How do I get her coupon printed for the same place?

  • Can not log in or find my Groupon purchase!!! This is extremely frustrating 🙁 How do I get it!!!!

  • I cannot login to groupon to retrieve my coupon. I need it for tonight!!! I was thinking of buying today’s deal, but now I am not sure. But I can’t get in there either anyway.

  • I can’t login to groupon to retrieve my coupon, I need it tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Somebody from Groupon needs to step up and acknowledge that their servers are down and that is why nobody can log in today

  • I’m totally frustrated – Tried to log in to get a coupon for tonite and I can’t get in. I heard that your website crashed today.

  • Todays update on Facebook Groupon

    Groupon Tucson Hang in there, everyone: big things are afoot at today and we apologize for the site being so slow. We’re on it. Updates soon…

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