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In these harrowing days of doubt and trouble, our extra money is a comfort to our souls. The holistic and nurturing benefits of interacting with our extra money are well-known. Sure we nuzzle it, hug it, and use it to spell out our worst fears on the floor, but what are some really productive ways to bond with our money? The money party, a forgotten American tradition from the 1950s, is one way. In it an entire neighborhood would liquefy all their assets and pile them up in a giant hill in one of their backyards. Couples would take turns climbing the hill and being King and Queen Money. This was extremely soothing to all. An old French tradition called le petit chapeau en argent is equally beneficial: the French would take the largest bill they could find and make a tiny hat from it. They would then wear the small money hats under their regular hats for the rest of their days. This is the main factor in their particularly long and full lives. And finally there is the ancient Greek rite of pecunia festum. The Greeks would cook their currency into their olive spreads, date pastes, and Lil’ Greek Fun Cakes and then gingerly eat around the coins. This level of money-man intimacy–including money so closely in the practice of consumption–is believed to be the main factor in the Greeks’ creation of the greatest civilization in world history. In order to survive, nay thrive, we must resurrect these practices and live our long, fruitful lives well into the 21st century and beyond.

Enjoy your extra money well, my moneyed denizens, with these great saving deals this week:

flying photo school – Online photography classes meet for four weeks and include videos, worksheets, and instructor feedback.

Home Collection Fleece-Sheet Sets – On chilly winter’s eves, coral-fleece sheets keep sleepers cozy. The ultrasoft plush sheet sets come in a choice of six colors, making it easy to match with heirloom quilts or footed pajamas.

Top Chef University – Contestants from Emmy-award-winning cooking show lead more than 200 online video lessons with printable recipes

Vistaprint – Web-based design tools let users customize cards, calendars, mugs, and T-shirts with personalized text and images

Kassadesign Egyptian-Cotton Towel Set – Egyptian-cotton bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths with durable and absorbent two-ply construction

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