Announcing "Live Off Groupon!"

**2/4/2010, CHICAGO -** The revolutionary collective-buying website [Groupon]( already enhances people’s lives by offering a daily deal on the best local goods, services and cultural events. Now we’ll be going one step further – from enhancing someone’s life, to dominating it.

Groupon is proud to announce the [LIVE OFF GROUPON]( challenge. One chosen online applicant (call him or her “The Groupawn”) will be challenged to live exclusively off Groupons for an entire year, blogging regularly about their experiences.

The Groupawn will be required to put their savings in escrow, cut up their credit cards, and surrender the keys to their home and loved ones. They will be stripped of the trappings of routine, as well as their clothing, and released back into the world in a suit made entirely out of Groupons and a few electronic gadgets. If they can successfully live exclusively off of an unlimited supply of Groupons for ONE ENTIRE YEAR they will earn an apology stipend of $100,000.

Groupon CEO and Founder Andrew Mason will personally review the applicants, calling the campaign “an exciting opportunity that I haven’t really entirely thought through.”

As redemption of many Groupons requires social necessities such as tax and tip, as well as lesser concerns such as transportation and shelter, the Groupawn will be forced to rely on the kindness of strangers and non-rabid urban animals. Will Groupon subscribers rally around their chosen one, offering couches, showers and inevitably required first-aid assistance? This will largely depend on their personality, resourcefulness and how many important fish they can name.*

For more information on Live Off Groupon and the chance to sign your life away, visit [](

*Halibut is not an important fish.

  • Just the opportunity I was looking for to make 2010 the ultimate “Yes Man” year — like the Jim Carrey movie.

    I was already planning to travel and live a year without money — to show that it’s quite possible — with the help of social networking and volunteering (“WWOOFIng”, couchsurfing, etc) registered — thanks Andrew for the tip. Great name.

    Too bad the Sacramento market hasn’t launched yet. I guess I’ll be venturing out to San Francisco to try out the Groupon service and write a review. Then I plan to apply.

    Here we come.

  • One word: EPIC.

    I’ve located the business that I’ll be interviewing. I actually went there today and used my Groupon to purchase a candy bar with bits of bacon in it?!

    Who knew bacon and chocolate mixed so well?

    It’s now my new staple food.

    Sorry, Hot Pockets… daddy’s got a new baby now!

    First trip as Groupawn… CONGRESS! Washington, DC is gonna go crazy. Hahaha.

    Ohhh snap!

  • Oh, I would love to be the winner of the living off of groupon for a year! I am probably the oldest person applying and the youngest at heart and spirit and I could defiantly do this! Being laid off 6 months ago is making me insane, even though I am quite a resourceful person, this economy does not make it easy, “never planned on being out of work and money”, so, pick me, choose me please.

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