Back to School Deals

To a child, what seems like an endless summer vacation is actually a typical three-month time period. Which is why the youth of today must return to school to re-learn the calendar every September. Here are some back to school deals to help these young minds transition from summer siesta to autumn academia easily:

Back 2 School Supply Bundle – Premade bundle with more than 90 back-to-school supplies ranging from pens and pencils to folders and notebooks.

Custom-Printed iPhone or iPad Case – Submit your own digital image or choose a ready-made graphic or monogram to be printed on an iPhone or iPad case.

iLuv Dual-Alarm Clock and Bed Shaker – This digital alarm clock signals the new day with tunes from your iPod and a vibrating shaker that wakes the deepest of sleepers.

12 Months of Online Meal Planning for School Lunches – Weekly shopping lists showcase flavorful, healthful recipes customized by store, diet, and price.

Rock n Learn Math and Language DVD Packages – Educational DVDs teach math and language skills with catchy music and animated characters.

As students once again return to the classroom, teachers can’t help but show off what they learned at their summer jobs. Here are the most popular summer jobs for temporarily unemployed teachers:

  • Beach cop
  • Courtroom sketch artist
  • Summer-school teacher
  • TV prankster
  • Summer-school principal
  • Haunted-house curator
  • Hilarious T-shirt maker
  • Fried-chicken-franchise owner/operator
  • Voice-over artist for the computer cartoon movies
  • Summer-school janitor

Are your children dreading or looking forward to the first day of school? How about you?