Behind the Deals: Business Development

Our editorial department brings you yet another installment of “Behind the Deals” on this very Wednesday.

Groupon is testing the veracity of the old adage “You’ve got to spend money to make money” by spending a bunch of money and then seeing if it cytogenetically divides into new money. The company has an entire business-development department dedicated to finding new and creative ways to turn a profit. Their recent projects include:

* Burying a burlap sack filled with gold coins behind the office to see if it sprouts into a dollar tree
* Catching fish for a hundred men, teaching another hundred men how to fish, doing nothing for a control group of a hundred men, and then comparing their yearly salaries/amount of fish caught after six months
* Boosting worker productivity by giving every employee a high-tech cyber-typewriter called a “compute-ter”
* Introducing Super Groupons that charge double a product or service’s value instead of half
* By reading this sentence, from now on even just thinking about a Groupon is a legally binding agreement that you will purchase it. Thanks!

  • Gotta luv a good sense of humor. I especially like charging double the value, that should turn a nice profit – as long as we don’t triple the expense of charging double;)

  • No one can Beat Groupon, they have the best stuff, unlike the Groupon wanna-be’s!

  • Why don’t you have offers in Lake county the far northern suburbs?

  • My Motto: ‘If you aren’t having fun, you are doing something wrong.’

    It is here appearent that some Groupon employees are do the right things. Although I don’t work (as in am employed by) Groupon, as an Affiliate, I still want to join in the righteousness of their commaraderie.

    What can one do to be a part of the fun? If, you’ll distract that security guard, I’ll use the metal detector to locate that sack…

    Happy Father’s Day! Get your Group together and use a Groupon Today!

  • Gayle, the goal is to always expand to new neighborhoods. We’ll pass your feedback along to our city planners. Thanks for your interest!

    Thea @ Groupon

  • I think Groupon is great, and a great way for businesses to generate leads if used correctly.

  • How come I don’t see any deals from angry birds or Zynga.
    My kids will love to see them.

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