Behind the Deals: Employee Anniversaries

In addition to giving them free money just for showing up and working, Groupon ensures employees want to remain at the company with a comprehensive anniversary program. Here’s what Groupon rewards its employees with:

  • First Year: Green tracksuit with company logo and employee nickname embroidered on jacket
  • Second Year: 250 MB flash drive preloaded with your employee directory photo
  • Third Year: Watch with no hands
  • Fourth Year: Key to room filled with cases of Coke II
  • Fifth Year: Sarcophagus carved to resemble CEO Andrew Mason
  • Sixth Year: Elective surgery of the company’s choice
  • Seventh Year: Discount tax preparation
  • Eighth Year: Elective surgery of your choice
  • Ninth Year: A nine-year-old dog (49 in dog years)
  • Tenth Year: Entry into the oldest employee’s will
  • U guys are funny – sounds like a fun company – I love your groupons buy them all the time for my use and gifts too – just saw u give out goodies for ppl who buy – ? how can I signup or is it automatic when one purchases groupon and its like a raffle??

  • I thought for sure year 4 was going to be the hands with no watch.

  • thanks for the chuckle… maybe you can be my second career when I retire from education in a few years?

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