Behind the Deals: Extravocational Activities

Even though the daily-deal industry is about as fast paced and exciting as they come, for some reason Groupon employees insist on having interests outside of work. In response, Groupon has established many extravocational clubs and societies to entertain employees for the hours after they are done working but before they go to sleep in our on-campus housing. Here are just some of the clubs we have here at Groupon:

  • The Book-Ignoring Club
  • The Amalgamation of Amateur Surgeons
  • The Canoe-Smashing Club
  • Ladies Who Lurch
  • Coupon Club
  • The New Flavors of Soda Imagination Club
  • The Firestarters
  • The Twisted Firestarters
  • The Egg-Eating Club
  • The League of Gentlemen Cowards
  • People Who Hate the Egg-Eating Club
  • Mothers Against Allowing Dogs
  • Slingshot Brigade