Behind the Deals: Groupon Headquarters

Groupon’s staff continues to grow exponentially, partly because employees are contractually obligated to give birth in the form of litters, and Groupon headquarters must grow to accommodate them. Although secondary offices have been opened in Palo Alto, elsewhere in Chicago, and on flying platforms where deals are spun from cloud matter, the bulk of Groupon headquarters is housed in the historic Montgomery Ward Company Complex on the Chicago River.

At the time this 400,000-square-foot behemoth served as the distribution center for one of retail’s first bulk-bargaineers, young pages were given roller skates so they could quickly traverse its lengthy hallways. Nowadays, with the advent of internal phone lines and PDFs (paper-like digital forms), employees rarely, if ever, don roller skates, as they prefer rollerblades or the 2011 Razor Segway (now available in ice blue).

Groupon’s many departments are nestled alongside neighboring businesses and divided among the building’s eight floors:

Second Floor: The second floor was the home of Groupon Editorial before it was relocated to an office on Wacker Drive to get a better view of the Navy Pier ferris wheel.

Third Floor: This floor houses the best sales department in the business.

Fourth Floor: The fourth floor belongs to bats now.

Fifth Floor: No one has ever visited this floor (the elevator button has tape over it).

Sixth Floor: On the sixth floor you can find the bulk of Groupon’s departments—Accounting, Business Development, City Planning, Finance, Human Resources, Imagineering, Legal, Marketing, Unmarketing, and Customer Service, as well as Technology, which keeps Groupon humming by constantly looping MIDI files of children humming.

Seventh Floor: The seventh floor houses more of the best sales department in the business.

Eighth Floor: This floor is the Long-Term Fourth Floor Bat Reclamation Department, Codename: Guano Force.

I hope you enjoyed your virtual tour, presented in the online medium that best conveys visual concepts—text! Stay tuned for more peeks Behind the Deals.

  • We learned about Groupon from our Friend Jason who said he met the founder at a wedding in Spain in 2007. If only he had told us about Groupon sooner then 2010.

    Anyway love the concept

  • Thank you for that virtual tour – I could just see that Razor Segway making its way down the hallways.. weaving through the walkers. Thanks again 🙂

  • I read Groupons blog about personalization and they keep mentioning that if they get it right (i am guessing thru number crunching and ad money) they will send best individualized deal. But not everyone might get the same deal!!! What is their obsession about tell us what to buy??? I have really started to resent this site and would prefer ‘living social’. At least they dont claim to know whats best for me and make decisions on my behalf. I talked to couple of my friends to see if they feel the same and all of them agreed. So just wondering what you guys think of it. Quit treating us like dumb buyers. Sorry to break your illusions but WE know what we want!

  • Would really love to see one place for all online offers so I don’t have to subscribe to every city.

  • Pinky

    You can always see all the deals listed on our website at any time, so if you don’t like the deal in your daily email, just visit to see what else is available. The personalized deal program is still very new and we appreciate your feedback.

    If you have any other questions, please let us know at

    Thea at Groupon

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