Behind the Deals: Key Competitors

Like all companies, Groupon has its share of competitors. While we don’t tend to acknowledge them publicly, there are a few competing companies who have behaved so egregiously that it now falls upon us to publicly call them out for their misdoing:

  • Coupon Pony: Stole our idea for offering unbelievable, hand-picked deals that transform the way you experience your city.
  • Deal Junction: Copied our innovation of pairing local businesses with new customers via channels of featured deals with maximum exposure but limited availability.
  • Greg Pernatto Chevrolet in Wilmette: Refused to throw in free rear-view-mirror air freshener shaped like a tribal sea turtle that made our new Cruze smell exactly like the beach, but didn’t last long enough to be worth an extra four dollars.
  • Nopuorg: Self-explanatory. Learn more about this abomination at
  • The United States Government: Competes with our amazing deals by offering a completely boring National Park System that no one uses anyway, even though it’s practically free and the memories and soul-richening experiences that you and your family will take away are truly priceless.