Behind the Deals: Quarterly Meetings

Six times a year, Groupon holds a quarterly all-company meeting to explain new company policies and to check each employee for head lice. Here’s the agenda for our upcoming meeting:

  1. Firework display shown on auditorium projector screen
  2. 20 minutes of silence to honor all employees’ living fathers
  3. Introduce the Board of Directors
  4. Play name games with audience to help them remember the Board of Directors
  5. Inspire Groupon employees by telling them that everyone should feel like a Board Member. To emphasize the point, ask the entire audience to join the Board on stage for the remainder of the meeting.
  6. Acknowledge employees who grew the most since last meeting
  7. Show a graph depicting the number of watermelons Groupon could buy with last quarter’s total revenue
  8. Intermission
  9. Reassemble, this time with the Board sitting in the audience and the employees on stage. This teaches the employees that nothing in life is guaranteed.
  10. Initial firework display shown in reverse
  • Sound like a fun Company to work for I want a JOB and I am retired!!!

  • Would like to c more in the Chicago area. The city itself and close surrounding suburbs not sooo many miles out… I loved groupon and now hate to read it because it seems like a waste of time

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