Behind the Deals: Team Building Competitions

Banding together with coworkers to battle other local companies in non-work-related competitions simultaneously builds camaraderie and the opposite of camaraderie, loathing. Here are some of the recent contests Groupon employees have participated in:

**Bike to Work Week:** Over the course of three days, all of which must be within the same week, two companies compete to see which can convince more employees to claim that they rode their bikes to the office. The winning company keeps the other company’s bikes.

**Blood Drive:** After donating blood, representatives from two companies race to consume the cookie they were given in exchange for their vital fluids. If both finish the cookie at the same time, they must give another quart of blood to earn a second cookie and race again.

**Battle of the Books:** The first company to have one employee name a real book wins.

**The Newlywed Show:** Companies cover all expenses for two randomly selected employees to get married, go on a honeymoon, and live in a remote cabin for six months. Everyone always wins because learning that business is all about building lasting relationships is the most important lesson of all.

  • good stuff =) you guys are awesome, and deserve much fun…

  • I want my money back, I bought a mini scanner, canceled on the same day, salled them, sent e-mails, and they pretend it didn’t happen!

  • I recently paid $25 for a $50 discount at Raindancer Restaurant in West Palm Beach Fl. Was going to use it last night only to find the place is closed and probably out of business. This was my first experience with Groupon so am not likely to go back again.

  • Hi Thea!

    I wonder if you have some info on your organizational structure? Maybe also some goodies about your internationalization process and how you relate to companies and other stakeholders?

    It’s for a college project at NHH, Norway’s leading Business School, and any information would really help us out 🙂 For some reason I don’t believe the information in the “Behind the deals” section of your blog is 100% accurate 😉

    Thanks, Thomas

  • Thomas,

    We looked into your concerns. You are correct, the “Behind the Deals” section is not 100% accurate. We looked into this issue with our designated research team and are happy to report back that everything described in the ‘Behind the Deals’ write-ups is actually 110% factual.

    Thanks for your interest in Groupon!
    Thea @ Groupon

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