Behind the Deals: The Groupon Logo

Well-crafted company logos, such as Nike’s stylized soup ladle and McDonald’s side-by-side St. Louis arches, help consumers quickly identify a brand. Here’s the story behind the iconic Groupon logo:

**Shape:** The Groupon wordmark is nestled within a trapezium, which is defined as a quadrilateral that looks kind of like a rectangle but sillier. The four sides represent the four tenets of Groupon—run good deals, the customer’s always right, put out both figurative and literal office fires, and dress each day the way you’d want someone to dress you at your own funeral.

**Typeface:** Groupon is written in all capital letters so that if the logo graced a billboard, it could be easily read by someone traveling at up to 380 mph. The smooth, sans-serif font was inspired by one of Groupon’s early employees, who shaved both with and against the grain of his facial hair.

**Color:** The black backdrop symbolizes the constant darkness that would plague a world bereft of daily deals, and the brilliant white Groupon wordmark reminds viewers that one day the sun will be extinguished and all of the earth will be covered in pure white snow, so they should buy a Groupon today.

**Translucent Halo:** The Groupon logo appears to be shrouded in a ghostlike border, but this is actually because of your computer monitor’s inability to render the color bourdanse, which can be best described as the color of a baked-potato skin covered in a fine layer of sawdust.