Bike to Work Week

Groupon is participating in the Bike Commuter Challenge with the Active Transportation Alliance this week in an effort to encourage employees to don their helmets and learn about the benefits of cycling to work.

Bike to Work Week Team Leaders - Suits and Helmets Day

The first day proved to be a success as bikes were parked–some would say crammed–in every possible location outside Groupon headquarters. Extra bike racks have been installed to accommodate the additional commuters and riders took full advantage of them this morning. In just one day, 126 people biked to work.

Chicago is known for being a bike-friendly city. With ample bike lanes, an active bike community, and the recent addition of protected bike lanes on a growing number of streets, getting to work by bike is a common mode of transportation.

I began biking to work when I moved up to the city after college a year ago. From the first time I biked, it became clear that it was a much more practical way of getting around the city with almost nonexistent transportation costs.  I also soon realized that during rush hour, bikes can easily outpace cars in traffic.  – Bradley, Marketing

The goal of the Bike Commuter Challenge is to get more commuters out on bikes by seeing which company can raise the highest percentage of participation. The Active Transportation Alliance is a great resource for new and seasoned cyclists and provides maps, safety tips, and transit advice on their website. This week, cyclists can visit pit stops for a snack and a tune up at designated areas on their route.

Why bike to work?

Save time and money? Yes, please! From my location in Lakeview, biking to work is faster and cheaper than any other mode of transportation offered by this city.  I frequently pass one to two buses on my ride down Halsted, making me “The Winner.” Plus, physiologically I wake up much faster by increasing my heart rate and gettin’ my brain juices snappin’.  It’s so cool. – Tracy, Customer Service

I bike to work because I am a busy gal, some days going from work to rehearsal or script meeting.  Biking is the only way to both be in control of my own destiny and get in some time to decompress between one part of the day to another.  – Lindsay, Recruiting

At Groupon, there are organized ride-ins for those who have never taken on the paths before and lunch field trips to bikeable destinations. Prizes will be awarded for such things as the longest commute, oldest bike, or most creative costume.

Is your company participating in Bike to Work Week? Tell us about it!

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