Blogroll: Groupon Grassroots

Continuing the back to school theme, Groupon Grassroots, our philanthropic arm, rallies behind charities giving support to local educational organizations all this week. They also maintain a very active blog. Grassroots representative, Anna, takes time to tell us about it:

I am the campaign organizer for Grassroots campaigns that run in the Southwest. For instance, Tucson subscribers can help plant trees in Tucson’s school playgrounds through this week’s Grassroots campaign.

I also manage the blog at Grassroots, am developing a new community resource center for Grassroots community partners, and like the rest of our team, I help build out Groupon’s corporate responsibility in various ways since we are such a new program.


What’s featured on your blog?

A lot of people don’t know that Groupon’s roots are in philanthropy and collective action. That’s where “group” plus “coupon” came into being.

On the Grassroots blog we talk about this theme of innovation and philanthropy. We tell good stories about how subscribers collectively come together to make something big happen. We also work with guest writers to highlight innovative approaches to philanthropy. For instance, who knew that buying hot sauce could help impact programs for inner-city youth?

What’s been your favorite story so far?

Child Crisis Center in Arizona wrote a post about their campaign to raise $400 in funds to purchase new comforters and linens for the kids who stay in the shelter.

Subscribers gave $7,170, 1,790% more than the Child Crisis Center initially sought to raise. This allowed the center to not only purchase new comforters and linens but also new beds and a couch for staff to hang out on with the babies who stay at the center. This is a really powerful example of subscribers coming together to make something big happen.

Once you check out the voices that make up the Grassroots team, check out all the local educational campaigns happening this week. Share the back to school collection on Facebook and Twitter – Every little bit helps!