Burger Day in NYC

Thirteen is considered an unlucky number, unless it refers to how many restaurants nearby serve burgers or how many minutes you can spend kissing a prize-winning racehorse. Today in NYC, customers will find themselves with several options for burger ingestion all over the city. They’ll have the choice to stick close to home, venture to new neighborhoods for a bite, or tote a CamelBak for an all-out excursion. Below are the featured businesses for Groupon’s First-Ever Burger Day.

Dugout Pub & Grill – Staten Island

Fresh & Fast Burger – Downtown, Midtown

Heartland Brewery – Midtown East

EJ’s East – Upper East Side

Corner Burger – BK Central

Mark Burger – Downtown East

Burger Burger – Downtown East

The Mad Donkey – Q – West

Pub One – BK – South

Fortago Burger Bar – Upper West Side

Burger Zone – Upper East Side

Bare Burger – downtown West

Lucky’s Famous Burgers – Midtown East/West

Should we bring Burger Day to your city? Let us know what you think!

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