Yes, Virginia, You Can Support Local Merchants & Still Find Great Prices.

The December shopping season can be a frenzy: a sometimes hysteric competition to get a great price, and a mad dash to buy a gift – any gift – before the deadline. The countdown may be on, but for thousands of pondering shoppers and procrastinators, the end of holiday shopping season doesn’t have to be a maddening scramble of parking lots, lines, and gifts that trade value for thoughtfulness.  There’s a way to give great gifts that feel great to give: Buy Local from Groupon.

Buy Local launched earlier today at It’s our way of sending a little extra cheer to local businesses and saying ‘thanks’ to our subscribers for supporting these merchants and their local economies. With Buy Local, the first 150,000 customers who register and buy a local deal on Groupon as a gift will receive 10 bucks in their Groupon accounts. Getting 10 bucks for supporting local businesses is easy:

  1. Register at
  2. Browse hundreds of gift options from local businesses, from exotic car driving experiences (hello!) and ice skating to family museum memberships and sushi-making classes
  3. Buy from a local business before 12/24/11
  4. Get 10 bucks in your account—maybe as a personal reward for shoveling the entire driveway, that fifth trip to the airport or making it through the holidays with the in-laws

Buy Local is further proof that shoppers don’t have to make the tough tradeoff of supporting local businesses and getting great prices.  And it’s an extra bonus for those of us who have waited until the last minute to find the perfect gift.

Happy Grouponicus, and thanks for the opportunity to showcase amazing local businesses and provide what we hope will be your favorite gifts for family and friends.

Think you’ve found the coolest gift ideas on the site today? Let’s see them in the comments below!


  • Ashley groupon turned out to be the best sister who is the market to buy furniture is going to be sooo happy about her gift:))

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