Camp Groupon: Kick Way Back in Tranquility Glen

What more could Chicago vacationers ask for than a two-night stay in a luxurious downtown hotel, an exclusive concert at Navy Pier with fireworks and an open bar, and a trip to the Wrigley outfield for a top-secret special event?

How about a couple of days spent exploring the city’s hidden luxuries?

Today, we take a peaceful journey to Tranquility Glen, another of Camp Groupon’s customized activity tracks:

Serenity-seekers get lost in relaxation at Tranquility Glen. Filled with soothing experiences and chilled-out classes, this activity track will leave campers more laid-back than a tranquilized Barcalounger as they join in activities such as:

  • Wine tasting at Bin 36 – Sample sips of succulent vino from South America, Europe, and the United States in Bin 36’s private loft and tavern.
  • Yoga and a massage at KB Fitness – Salute the sun in a yoga session before a massage therapist eases your aches with a chair massage.
  • Handbag-crafting session at 1154 Lill Studio – Select from hundreds of fabrics and a diverse assortment of styles to craft your own custom handbag.

If you find stress stalking you, be sure to select Tranquility Glen as one of your activity tracks when you register for Camp Groupon.