Celebrating Grouponicus: The Adventurous Alternative to Holiday Gifting

During the holidays, many retailers offer promotions designed to cynically cash in on holiday imagery. At Groupon, we believe that the holidays – not spending money – are most important. That’s why instead of a holiday promotion, Groupon offers customers an entire holiday: Grouponicus.

Celebrating Grouponicus is simple! Followers purchase Groupons as gifts – giving their loved ones meals at restaurants, dazzling beauty treatments, helicopter rides, and more, all at 50-90% off. Customers can subscribe to receive Grouponicus emails, or buy directly from the Grouponicus gift store. Deals last 3-5 days, but Grouponicus lasts for five whole weeks online, and all year long in our hearts. Embracing Grouponicus is the adventurous alternative to holiday gifting, and like all good holidays, Grouponicus comes with a fun set of age-old traditions and rigid cosmological beliefs.

Kids will love our focus group-approved corporate holiday mascot, Groupo™, the Bargain Bird™, the half-man/half-bird/half-snake who comes in the night to leave Groupons for his believers. And don’t forget to leave a lit candle in your shoe overnight in compliance with the Grouponicus scripture, “The Doctrine of Completion.” The entire Groupon staff was gladly forced to celebrate Grouponicus, which also forbids its followers from owning dogs and requires them to throw a list of their mistakes into a backyard Regret Hole.

Unlike other corporate holiday promotions, Grouponicus offers its followers great savings on experiential gifts and renders other wintertime holidays and their boring, expensive gifts obsolete!

The Grouponicus Store kicked off with a $5 download of Rihanna’s fifth studio album, “LOUD” and is open for business through December 26, 2010. Click here for more information. Not in one of our 20 Grouponicus cities? Find deals good for giving, regardless of your location, by clicking here.

  • I have tried to reach groupon regarding my first and only purchase which I was charged for on my credit card and never received. I have e-mailed, called, and for 2 months I have been ignored. What do I have to do???????????????

  • please respond to my calls, , e-mail, etc. – it has been 2 months and I didn’t get my coupon that I was charged for.

  • please respond to my calls, e-mails, etc. I was charged for a product I didn’t get – not very good business. I will have to call the BBB and angies list.

  • Unfortunately like those above I have had no luck redeeming my one and only “Goupon” and no luck today in getting in touch with you. Seems you don’t respond to customers who need help, only those with a credit card willing to belly up and hand out money. How long do you intend to stay in business?
    Contact me please at the email address you already have for me in Toronto.

  • Teri,

    I was able to find this correspondence and it seems that although we replied you never received our answers. It is possible that these are ending up in a spam filter–I advise you to make sure that emails from support@groupon.com are not getting caught in a filter.

    This Groupon is in your account. If you go to http://mygroupons.com and log in with your Yahoo email address, you should see it there. If you still have any trouble, feel free to email me directly, joe@groupon.com, and include your phone number.

    Very sorry this has taken so long to resolve. We do answer every email and phone call we get within a day–our main concern is to make sure you can access the Groupons you buy because we want you to use, and enjoy them.


    If I found the correct email from you, it looks like Paul replied to your email earlier this week. Please let me know if I am mistaken.


    Joe Harrow

  • Thank you for responding so quickly regarding my refund. I accidentally purchased the wrong offer and your team responded immediately.

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