Celebrities Save Just Like Us

Our internet ears were burning when we got word that a certain celebrity is reportedly a fan of finding a bargain on Groupon. We got some exclusive footage of his purchase. Can you guess who it is?

We’re happy to hear “celebrities are just like us” hits so close to home and want to welcome other star-studded savers to the mix. From Celeb Couture Harem Pants to HDTVs, here are some other deals that make the A-list:

  • One of the challenges of being a celebrity are your fans’ constant smiles. Those pearly whites bounce back harmful UV rays. Protect your eyes from the intrusive glow with Versace, Fossil, or Giorgio Armani sunglasses.
  • Waxing. We’ve seen those Twilight movies. We know what’s up, Mr. Chest.
  • Why rent jewelry for premieres that TV fashionistas are going to critique anyway? We’ve got plenty of sparkles on Groupon Goods. Keep the earrings and the compliments.Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 11.28.33 AM
  • Missed the Avengers premiere? Buddy up with these 10″ figures in your home screening pavilion and have your own viewing party.
  • Your pet is a celebrity by association. Treat him as such with this Cat Crib for when he’s hanging out on set with you.Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 10.39.49 AM
  • Red carpet mishap? #CheckGrouponFirst. We have plenty of carpet cleaning deals in your zip code.

Hopefully all these deals will complement your jet-setting lifestyle. Captain Sparrow, if you need them, we have some grilling tips as well.