Customer Service Philosophy

Every week we send a list of @groupon mentions to our customer support team with the feedback we receive. It’s overwhelmingly positive and it’s quite a sight when over 200 employees collectively blush.

Not everyone can see themselves working customer service. It requires listening, patience, empathy and a large amount of desk trinkets. We asked a few CS representatives on the “M. Team” night crew to toot their horns and explain their CS Philosophy:

Philosophies of the CS team?

Emily W. said: Be AWESOME, understanding, and work for everyone! Love the customer, the merchant, and Groupon!

Thomas P. said: Treat every customer honestly and fairly as you would want to be treated or better still, how you would want your grandma treated.

Samantha L. said: Always keep it classy, Five-Star-Gourmet-Restaurant-customer-service classy.

Customer Service Inspirational Art

Paul R. said: To provide for the customer that “feel good customer service experience” that sets us apart from everyone else our customers have to call. That our customers are the reason why we exist so they are important to keep on our side. Kind of like a band. You have to make sure your fans are digging what you are doing, so we are there to “keep the experience alive” To  help each other out when a problem arises because we are in this together. And look good while doing it.

Personality of a CS Rep?

John T. said: 1/3 nerd, 1/3 humanitarian, 1/3 pizza

Samantha L: Cheerful and lively, like a pack of Theater Kids!

Emily W. said: Spunky, empathetic without being sappy, a real person on that headset.

Thomas P. said: Friendly and patient who consistently uses active listening skills.

Paul R. said: A little bit strange, a little bit crazy, and a lot bit friendly. Someone who likes to help and make sure that people are having a good time with what we are doing here. Someone who doesn’t think they have to do at this all alone and be a stick in the mud. A sick sense of humor helps as well. You have to be self-motivated to keep yourself on track, but it doesn’t have to be all that all the time. And who likes to look good while doing it.

What do you want to brag about to the world regarding our CS team?

Samantha L. said: We’re the sassiest CS team you’ll ever meet.

Emily W. said: We totally want to work with you and help you and make you love Groupon just like we do! With our CS team, you don’t have to complain to get what you want. Just tell us whenever there’s a problem, and we will care and work with you to get it figured out! We’re also all extremely talented, skilled, educated people. We have different strengths and weaknesses, but we believe strongly in teamwork!

Thomas P. said: We have the best customer service out there. We are real people who answer phones without an automated system. We respond to each email personally and we are fun.

John T. said: Can recite all the words to “We Didn’t Start the Fire” a cappella

Paul R. said: I tell people all the time at the night crew is just awesome. We certainly all have a very strange job and strange hours, but somehow all of us seem to fit in well. I also brag about how we are treated as employees. I use the phrase “we are expected to act like adults, and are thus treated that way.” I’ve heard so many CS horror stories about how my friends have been basically locked to a desk and treated like they are idiots. The freedom and responsibility we have is balanced well and it just works out. Oh yeah, and we are the best looking CS team in the world.

  • “Can recite all the words to “We Didn’t Start the Fire” a cappella”


  • If I’m in Jackson, GA Why do I get info on a place in MS? Sorry. Not driving 6 hrs for dinner.

  • I bought 3 Brittany Spears Femme Fatale tickets for Cleveland. I never printed them up and now I can’t find them anywhere in my email to print. Help! How can I receive the email again?

  • Could you please include handicap accessibility information for businesses offering the discounts?? I’ve attempted to sign up for a couple of them, but found they could not accommodate my wheelchair.Thank you,

  • Howdy,

    Do you have anything for waterworld, concord, ca?
    It’s my son’s 8th B day tomorrow and his wish to go there with a couple of his best friends to celebrate the day.

    Thanks for reading and what you do does make a difference.



  • RD’s Mom, you can view all the cities we have available up at the top of and subscribe to whatever city is closest to you. We don’t give heads up on future deals, but hopefully you’ll find something you like!

    Thea @ Groupon

  • Gael, thanks for the feedback. We’ll pass it along to the reps and see what we can do!

    Thea @ Groupon

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