Deals to Keep Things Exciting

This summer, Groupon is offering up great deals to banish boredom. Take advantage before summer hibernation sets in.

If you live in Texas, try an Introductory Discovery Flight Package – Educational materials precede flight lesson led by FAA-certified instructors and would-be pilots are connected with area flight schools.

Things don’t just get boring in the US–Canada can partake in anti-boredom offers as well with Online Cooking Classes Led by “Top Chef” Contestants. With the help of contestants from this Emmy-award-winning cooking show, novice chefs can learn from over 200 online video lessons and recipes.

If you enjoy entertaining dinner guests, mixology, or dabble in mad scientistry, try the Molecule-R Gastronomy Kit or Cocktail Kit – Each kit contains 50 additive sachets, spoons, pipettes, and a recipe DVD to transform kitchens into interactive laboratories.

Commuting is more fun if it involves any amount of pep and/or zip. For those who prefer scooting to a destination, there’s a Greenbee Metro 2 Electric Motorcycle – After charging for up to 4.5 hours, this electric motorcycle transports riders without emitting harmful pollution or guzzling gas and oil.

Even when your brain feels bored, your body is still teeming with activity. Here’s a look at what your body is doing even when you’re not paying attention:

Blood Vessels: These passageways facilitate blood flow from your heart to the rest of your body, transporting valuable oxygen and even more valuable love. Even if you’re not currently in love, your blood vessels ferry vital, painful memories of lost love.

Eyelids: These involuntary eye covers keep your peepers moist and save your eyes from staring at dangers, such as the sun or Facebook photos of your ex moving on with a coworker. Plus, your eyelids are great for winking at potential new mates.

Skin Cells: Even when they hunger for the touch of a former flame, your skin cells are still constantly regenerating. That means that cellularly speaking, you’re a different person every day, freeing you to banish boredom and enjoy a summer fling guilt-free!