Diversity at Groupon – 2017

2017 Diversity Update

In the time since releasing our first diversity disclosure the conversation around diversity and inclusion in the workplace has continued to expand, gaining traction and allies. At Groupon, we think that’s a great thing. More discussion and attention on these topics helps keep an important issue top of mind, keeps advocates engaged and brings good ideas to the forefront.

More good ideas are important, because making broad, systemic diversity improvements is a long-term proposition, and the more smart people who are thinking critically and creatively about the issue, the quicker we’ll see real progress.

We continue to focus on diversity because of the broad value it brings to our business. We believe diverse faces, backgrounds and experiences bring diverse perspectives — perspectives that help reflect the wants and needs of the millions of customers and businesses we serve. We find a focus on diversity helps embed respect and inclusion into the core of our company culture. As a global company, we see the benefits of diversity all across our teams and operations.

Over the past year-plus, we’ve made some exciting progress. And, we’ve had a few areas where we’re not seeing improvements as quickly as we’d like. All told, however, we believe we’re focused on the right things and are committed to driving them throughout the organization in a scalable and sustainable way.

Specifically, we remain focused on attracting talent from diverse communities, building leader capability to drive inclusion and diversity awareness and thinking throughout the company, continuing to support STEM education and women in tech and remaining thoughtful about how we develop and retain talent at all levels.

With that, let’s look at the numbers:


Some key wins and takeaways:

  • Solid progress on Women in Leadership and Women in Tech

    This was, and continues to be, a focus area for us. We saw good traction from implementing Diverse Slates for all leadership roles, but it’s also worth noting that many of our new diverse leaders are the result of internal promotions, indicating success in developing and retaining diverse talent, in addition to hiring it. We’ve also found our STEM efforts to be incredibly popular for our employee volunteers and meaningful motivators for our Tech teams looking to give back and help develop the future pipeline of diverse talent.

  • Embedding diversity across the organization drives awareness and adoption

    Over the last year we partnered with Paradigm to develop and rollout Unconscious Bias training across the company. To date, more than 80 percent of global leaders and more than 65 percent of people managers have participated in either in-person or e-learning training, and the effort is still ongoing. We also partnered with one of our merchants, Second City, where employees practiced inclusive behaviors through improv techniques and learned what they can do to make inclusion a daily habit.

  • Accountability matters

    Just as our senior leaders are accountable for business results, we’ve also made them accountable for improving the diversity of their teams. All senior leaders have specific diversity targets that are a part of their total compensation equation. We’ve found it keeps the issue top-of-mind and tightly integrates our leaders into our recruiting and retention programs.

  • Everyone owns culture

    Just as we believe that everyone “owns the customer experience,” we’re making the same thing true for culture and ensuring there is a true shared accountability at all levels of the company to emphasize and live our value of Respect, Integrity and Inclusion. Our goal is to have that value cascade through everything at Groupon and make us a top destination for all forms of talent thanks to the environment we’ve built and the people who work here.

These focus areas and programs are a strong base from which to build, and while improving diversity overall is a long-term proposition, we believe these are the right places to focus our resources and energy. There’s clearly more work to do, but by approaching diversity as core to our overall culture and identity, rather than simply as a set of initiatives, we’re setting the stage for continued improvements and a better Groupon for everyone.