Featured Merchant: Brickell Cosmetic Center

Today’s post is guest authored by Stacey Caplan, Public Relations Intern:

When husband and wife team Ernesto Cowley and Julie Pernas decided to open their own business in Miami a year and a half ago, they were looking for a way to get their name out and attract new customers. They decided to partner with Groupon to accomplish this, and now, according to Julie, they don’t want to use anything else besides Groupon to generate more business. “I can’t even compare the scale of Groupon’s reach to other marketing tools,” she said. Brickell Cosmetic Center and Spa now considers Groupon their primary marketing outlet.

Since their first deal ran in June of 2011, the Miami business has run 7 deals and has sold over 2000 Groupons. “Our business has increased across the board since we started working with Groupon. The customers that buy our deals typically spend more than what the deal requires, “ Julie said.

Brickell also offers deals on Groupon Now, which attracts customers that want to use their services at slow periods during the day. They are even in the process of setting up Groupon Rewards to encourage their customers to continue using their services after they have a positive Groupon experience.

Julie believes that Groupon has helped her business generate many quality new customers, and that is why they continue to run more deals. “I have no complaints, Groupon is great!” she says.

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