Featured Merchant: Miami Auto Spa

Today’s featured merchant post is guest-authored by Merchant PR Coordinator, Tom M.:

An ambitious entrepreneur, Chris Peterson opened Miami Auto Spa in the heart of the recession.

“In Miami, people built restaurants and bars with their own money, the downtown economy collapsed, and they lost everything,” Peterson said. “I was determined to succeed.”

Chris decided to take advantage of a new advertising and marketing platform to help see his downtown Miami car wash through the turmoil of the recession.

“Once Groupon Miami launched in September 2009 I made the call to give it a try,” Peterson said. Chris ran Miami Auto Spa’s first deal in December of that year, selling more than 300 luxury hand washes.

Chris estimates that 90 percent of his Groupon customers upgrade to additional services, with his detailing customer base increasing at a rate of approximately 15-20 percent each year since partnering with Groupon.

Since 2009 Miami Auto Spa has run six Groupon deals, saving local consumers nearly $57,000 combined. Chris currently uses Groupon with the other businesses he owns and feels the platform is a beneficial relationship for small businesses.