Featured Merchant: Shrewsbury Car Wash

Today’s Featured Merchant runs a squeaky clean business. Meet Dino Nicoletta, owner of Shrewsbury Car Wash in Shrewsbury, NJ. Not only will Dino’s friendly staff give you a free car wash on your birthday, they will clean your car inside and out and change your oil while they’re at it.


After receiving a call from Groupon in early 2011, Dino was intrigued. He had tried various marketing tactics, but was looking for a way to differentiate his car wash from similar nearby businesses.

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Writes Dino: 

Shrewsbury is the kind of town where you know a lot of your neighbors. As engrained in the community as I am, I was convinced I was doing all the right things to successfully market my business and attract clientele. Then I received a call from someone at Groupon with an innovative approach to reach new customers. I was definitely curious, but felt like I should ask someone that had first-hand knowledge of what Groupon was all about.

As luck would have it, my very own cousin, Vincent Nicoletta, owner of Hot 8 Yoga in Santa Monica, CA had used Groupon to market his business. He told me that Groupon got the attention of new customers that other advertising just didn’t reach. With this endorsement and a little more digging, I decided to try Groupon on for size.

Working with Groupon was a breeze. The sales rep helped me structure a deal that was alluring to new customers, but also something that my business could handle. One of my favorite aspects of working with Groupon is that it’s the only marketing tool I’ve used that costs me nothing out-of-pocket.

After agreeing upon a deal, I received information on how to prepare for my Groupon offering that informed my entire staff on how to handle the influx of customers, and provided me with guidance on how to handle redemption and calculating ROI.

The day of the deal was very exciting. We had people ready to redeem the Groupon just hours after buying it. I was determined to get the most out of this experience as possible, so I requested that my employees ask customers if they had ever been to my car wash before. If the answer was no (which was the case for more than half of the 850+ Groupons we sold), then those customers were given additional information about all of the services we offer and the chance to join our no-cost VIP Club. I wanted to make sure that each new customer left knowing everything about my business.

Overall, working with Groupon has been an enjoyable business experience. Virtually all of the new customers Groupon helped attract returned for another car wash or additional services. 

My advice? For businesses  considering Groupon, follow their suggestions during preparation and be ready to work. You only get out of a Groupon deal what you put in!

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