Featured Merchant: Vitality Wellness Center

Just like cars and pianos, people need a little tuning up from time-to-time. Today’s Featured Merchant, owner Crystal Areal from Vitality Wellness Center, helps people in the Salem, OR area do just that.

As a new business owner, Crystal was looking for a way to build her client list and compete with existing businesses. Click through to read how Crystal accomplished that and more.

Writes Crystal:

Even before the official opening of Vitality Wellness Center in June 2011, I was thinking about how I could work with Groupon to help build my customer base. I had been a fan of the company for more than year on a personal level and had seen how incredibly powerful offering a deal through the site could be.

I reached out to Groupon almost immediately after opening and started to work with a sales rep to figure out a deal that would be popular with consumers, but also work for my new business. I wanted to run a Groupon soon after opening, but also needed some time to make sure I knew exactly how my business would run so we could be ready for a wave of new customers.

In August 2011, we ran our first Groupon deal, a 10-class punch card for yoga or Zumba. Two weeks later we ran another deal for a half-price detoxifying mud wrap. Between the two deals we had more than 150 new customers! It was extremely exciting and exactly the type of exposure we had hoped for.

The first few weeks of Groupon redemptions were busy, but I felt very prepared. I followed the advice from Groupon, watched all the training videos and made sure to train my staff. The results have been tremendous. We have had enjoyed an 85% rebooking rate from Groupon customers and have even hired additional staff to keep up!

If possible, one piece of advice I would offer other Groupon merchants is to create a webpage dedicated to Groupon customers. We heard from customers that told us the page made them feel welcomed and also answered a lot of their questions, which in turn helped us be more productive.

With the sheer amount of new customers and an incredible return rate, I can safely say that Groupon has been, by far, the best marketing decision I could have made for my new business. I look forward to meeting even more new customers in the future through new deals with Groupon!

-Vitality Wellness Owner Crystal Areal

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