G-Team and 826CHI

A lot of work and fun went into many of today’s Groupon write ups. Our G-Team and editorial department worked hand in hand with 826CHI, a group that encourages students to develop a unique writing voice, something for which Groupon is well known. After a series of workshops at the Groupon office, 826CHI students authored many of the Chicago deals featured on June 28.

Groupon’s Managing Editor, Brandon Copple, took the time to tell us about the experience:

We had three workshops, on consecutive Saturdays in June, with 18 kids, grades 5-8, from the 826CHI writing program. Each week a different group of 18 or so Groupon writers/editors came down to work with the kids.

The curriculum was designed by details writer Jill Klostermann, a former 2nd-grade teacher. She took a kernel of an idea and turned it into an incredible experience for the kids and writers. Jill also led the workshops. She knows how to work with kids…how to make sure they have fun but also do what you want. She was nothing short of amazing on this.

During week one we focused on creative writing – generating funny, interesting, descriptive images. It all started with the kids – and writers – describing their donuts.

In week two we did internet research. The kids got silly bandz and had to find out everything they could about them…what they’re made of, how much they cost, where to buy them, what types there are, etc.

Week three they researched and wrote the deals that are running today.

The write-ups turned out great. Our writers did a fantastic job of letting the kids’ voices emerge without doing anything that would throw merchants or customers for a loop. The kids were enthusiastic the whole way. They took everything we threw at them and went with it. The kind of thing that makes you think maybe the future isn’t totally doomed after all.

To learn more about 826CHI and find out how to get involved, you can visit their website.

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