Get Around Chicago with Groupon and the CTA

Getting around the city with ease depends on how you do it. Walking only gets you so far, Segways are required to travel in packs, and driving a car requires you to wear that cumbersome helmet. That’s why the train remains the most efficient mode of transportation for daily commuters and mustache-twiddling villains.

In an exciting new pairing, Groupon is joining forces with the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) to offer discounted 3-day passes. Starting soon, Chicago’s newest power couple will offer 250,000 passes $9—$5 off their normal retail price. This is Groupon’s first partnership with a U.S. Transit Agency, and we couldn’t be more excited about it launching in our home city!

The city of Chicago is hoping that this will reach new local customers and tourists and is “an innovative example of the government and business community working together,” according to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel.

The deal will be pulling into the station soon, so make sure you snag your CTA pass before your ride pulls away!