Going Green with SolarCity

Are you trying to reduce your carbon footprint? In an effort to make sustainability more affordable than ever, we’re pairing with SolarCity, the nation’s largest solar power provider, to help you harness the power of the sun without burning your fingers. SolarCity makes it possible for you to pay less for solar electricity than you pay for utility power. The deal? $1 for $400 off home solar power from SolarCity with free installation.

By removing the biggest roadblock for most people—installation of the panels is free, so you only pay for the power they generate—SolarCity estimates that it converts a new person to solar energy every three minutes. The SolarCity team fields everything from customizing the design of each energy system to securing permits to jingling their keys until the sun looks their way. All you need to do is provide a roof (typically the one that came with your home) and flip the switch.

Check for availability in your service area. Interested? Here’s what you can expect:

1. Free Consultation: A SolarCity adviser confirms that your home qualifies for solar power and provides estimates on monthly and long-term savings. Don’t worry, if your house doesn’t qualify, we’ll refund you!

2. Site Survey and Proposal: SolarCity takes measurements of your home and delivers a detailed proposal with recommended system size and financing options, including a zero-money-down option. The $400 discount can be applied to all non-cash payment types.

3. Custom Design and Installation: SolarCity’s engineers customize a solar power system for your home and take care of all permits and inspections. Once everything’s ready, the installation typically takes only a single day. After a utility company inspection, you get to be the one who flips the switch for the first time.

4. Ongoing Customer Service: SolarCity monitors your system on a continuous basis to ensure that it’s running smoothly. They also tackle any needed maintenance or repairs at no added cost. If you move before the end of your contract, SolarCity can easily transfer the system to your new home or help you transfer the contract to the new homeowner.

5. Savings for You, Clean Energy for Your Neighborhood: Any surplus energy generated by your SolarCity system is fed into the grid to provide your friends and neighbors with clean energy. This extra energy also offsets your energy usage at night. Everyone wins.

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