groupOn and buildOn

It’s not just the similar spelling that makes Groupon and buildOn a good pairing, though that does help when mnemonic devices prove unreliable. We’re working to encourage Voluntourism (i.e.,volunteer tourism) and Groupon Getaways is teaming up with our most successful Grassroots campaign – this time offering the chance to volunteer and build schools in Nepal or Nicaragua with The Amazing Race winners Ernie and Cindy!

Patty Huber, Manager of Groupon Grassroots:

The allure of voluntourism – exotic locations and new cultures, shared group experiences and the great feeling when making a difference – attracts new people to volunteering every day. In the same way that Groupon helps people discover new experiences, voluntourism helps people discover an untapped passion for service and often sparks a life-long commitment to serving others.

Getaways and Grassroots have partnered in the past to help transform communities. Back in April, Groupon Getaways sold out forty spots for two volunteering trips to Zambia with Spark Ventures. This summer’s campaign with buildOn allows an intimate group to travel to remote villages and construct schools for children without access to education. Additionally, for each trip purchased, buildOn will provide the same experience to an inner-city student from the U.S.

From buildOn’s blog:

We’re also excited to announce that Ernie Halvorsen and Cindy Chiang, winners of the 19th season of The Amazing Race, will accompany guests on the Nepal trip. “”Having traveled around the world and seeing the need to support developing areas, Cindy and I feel the best way to provide a better tomorrow is by supporting educational programs,” said Halvorsen.

Now you don’t have to be a character on Quantum Leap to getaway and change lives simultaneously. Visit Groupon Getaways or Groupon Grassroots for more opportunities!