Groupon Android App Now Available

A few weeks ago when we launched a revamped version of our iPhone app, we got a ton of requests for an Android app. We are happy to announce that the Groupon Android app is now available for download in Android Market for phones running 1.6 and up.  You can buy deals, access your purchased Groupons and find the ones that are nearby.

You can also redeem deals from the app and view side deals by selecting the “More Deals” option in the deal page menu.

We are working on adding features such as the ability to browse Discussions forums and a widget to the app.  We would like to get your input- post your comments on what you want to see next.

  • Which version is this app aimed for? I’ve a 1.5 device and I couldn’t find it in Android Market.

  • Finally glad to see the App for the Droid. I just downloaded it and playing around with it. It seems to take a while to load the deals from city to city.

    Also for some reason it doesn’t show the “side deal” for the major cities. That should definitely be included, along with the comment section.

    Keep up the good work!

  • was looking forward to finally making use of Groupon. but i’m very very sad to see it only works for the U S of A. when will not-the-U-S-A be added?

  • I too am running version 1.5 on my Motorola Cliq and when I search for “Groupon” in Market, I get 4 unrelated apps.

  • I was super happy when I saw the app this morning!

    Am I missing something or are sub-area deals reachable through the app?
    Example today: Washington has the same deal for all 3 sub-areas: Northern VA, Montgomery County, District.
    But once in a while.. they’re different for each sub area. I couldn’t figure out how to differentiate that through the app.

    Props on the app though!

  • I am with 1.6 and can’t see it in the market, can you give us a link to the .apk?

  • You should add the ability to set the cities you want to see instead of having to scroll through them all.

  • I am in Canada and am running Android 2.2 (froyo) on a Nexus One but can’t find the application in the market. Have you restricted its availability to the US?

  • What about us blackberry users?! I want a groupon app!

  • what’s with the bar code? is it different from the groupon number? which are we supposed to use when we use the groupon?

  • Love, Love, Love! I no longer have IPhone envy. Thank you!

    Agree – would love to see the local rewards laced into the app. If we log in via the app, will it count toward our local rewards even if we can’t see it?

  • We Palm webOS users want some love also! For now, I’m satisfied with the mobile page. It looks just like the above screenshots!

  • Can’t find in the market. Comes up with unrelated (sex) apps. Need a link to download the app.

  • I don’t understand why anyone would ever create a blog post about a new Android app with at LEAST a link to the .apk, but even better, a scanable barcode to get to it. Honestly.

  • Can we have this for the UK please – missing a huge opportunity here….!

  • What about the users of the cliq Motorola?

  • This is great – I agree with the two comments about the Palm OS – it would be wonderful to have the app available to us as well – just wanted to leave a posting about it so that you know there are a large group of us out there – I don’t know how hard it would be to fashion one for us, but it would be greatly appreciated.


  • +1

    Agree – would love to see the local rewards laced into the app. If we log in via the app, will it count toward our local rewards even if we can’t see it?

    What about local rewards? Can you provide more info on how this is managed?

  • can’t find, either. get the same search results as Adeyinka, above.

  • On my Motorola Cliq get sex apps when I search for Groupon…..where’s ours?!?!?!

  • What’s the app called? When I searched for Groupon I got some interesting sex apps that I really don’t want. I have a Samsung Google phone.

  • Another Cliq user… not saying we have to get this app, but if you want our biz, it would be helpful!

  • Yeah, echoing the desire for it to work on the Motorola Cliq – tried the QR and still no app found in the android market. (What is up with our Cliqs not being compatible to android apps?)

  • Doesn’t seem to be available on the UK, seems silly since Groupon has been running here for a while. What are the timescales for a version available here?

  • I just purchased my first Groupon with the App – super easy purchase process! However, I didn’t get credit for the local rewards until I logged into the website. This is what keeps it from being a great App – I have no reason to check it daily.

    Maybe a mobile-specific site would be a better way to go, at least then you don’t have to create a bunch of different Apps for each platform and the Cliq and WebOS people will shut up about supporting their platform. Hugs!

  • I’m using HTC Wildfire on the AT&T network in Chicago. No luck finding the Groupon App. I’m using Android version 2.1. Are there another place where I could download this app outside market?

  • Another Motorola Cliq user that would much appreciate access to this app.

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