Groupon Blogroll: The People Blog

There are many voices heard in the halls of Groupon HQ, and one internet butterfly net used to capture the stories of employees is our People Blog, a one stop spot for all-things Groupon culture:

 I’m Dustin Carper and I’m the Employment Brand Strategist for Groupon. I look at my role as the marketing and PR side of recruiting and what it’s like to work here. I’ve always been interested in social from a personal standpoint, and have been diving into the world of social recruiting and employment branding over the past few years. Blogging is a good way to show (vs. tell) people what it’s like to work at Groupon and also gives employees a way to do the same.

What’s featured on your blog? Why would people want to visit it? Anything about the office life and ‘corporate’ world of Groupon is featured on the People Blog, from out recent dodgeball tournament to pictures of people’s desks that have been pranked to a weekly check-in with our interns. Anyone thinking about joining the Groupon team and employees alike would want to visit to see what’s going on around here.

What’s been your favorite story you’ve covered? We just started an Engineer spotlight and I’ve been really impressed so far. Sometimes I forget that we’re a pretty big company and reading these is a good reminder that our technology team is really impressive. Who would have known that we have someone who used to design software for monkeys? Also, it seems as though a lot of our engineers have started companies of their own before joining Groupon, so that’s fun to learn about. Desk of the Week is pretty fun, too.

Give it a read and let us know what you think!